April 16, 2024

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Live: Cercle Brugge is looking for the equalizer against Westerlo |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Live: Cercle Brugge is looking for the equalizer against Westerlo | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 41 ‘ – Yellow – Halil Akponar
  2. 28′ – Yellow – Sina Myang
  3. 23′ – Yellow – Rafael Tagir
  4. 20′ – Yellow – Matthias Fixels
  5. 6′ – Penalty kick – Nasser Chadly (0-1).
  1. 88′ – continued Matthias Veixels by Thomas van den Keepas
  2. 81′ – Boris Popovic continued by Emilio Kehrer
  3. 81′ – Continued by Nasir El Shazly by Igor Fitokelli
  4. 68′ – continued Leonardo da Silva Lopez for Abu Francis
  5. 68′ – continued Dino Hotek by Jan Gboho
  6. 68′ – continued Nene Dorgels by Lucas van Eno
  7. 68′ – continues Halil Akponar for Pietro Berdichesi

Cercle Brugge and Westerlo will compete for the three points tonight in the belly of the standings. Both teams are having a great season and are playing hard for a spot in Play-off 2. Catch the game live here with text updates from 6.15pm or on Radio 1.

  1. Second half, 88th minute. Westerlo, Thomas van den Kebus replaced in, Matthias Fixels out
  2. Second half, 85th minute. Another chance for Cercle. Bulat hasn’t been saved yet. Vanhout can advance the ball at his feet and hit a good shot. The Turkish goalkeeper can’t help but see how De Kuiper still removes the danger. .
  3. Second half, 82nd minute. What a job Maxim de Kuiper did. The young left-back runs well down the flank and can deliver a dangerous cross. The ball was eventually cleared, but it was De Cuyper himself who nullified the counter-attack by intercepting the ball and fouling up a foul. .
  4. Second half, 81st minute. Substitution in Cercle Brugge, Emilio Kerr on, Boris Popovic off
  5. Second half, minute 81. Substitution Westerlo, Igor Fitokele, and Nasser El Shazly
  6. Second half, 80th minute. Francis gets some space and smells his chance. The Ghanaian aims into the top right corner, but sees his attempt go a meter over Polat’s goal. .
  7. Second half, 79th minute. It’s an exciting final stage. Despite Cercle’s insistence, leadership of Westerlo is still intact for the time being. Johan de Calloy on Radio 1.
  8. quarter hole. The closing quarter has begun and the crowd is getting impatient. A stat that could give courage to the Bruges citizens: No JPL team has conceded more goals than Westerlo in the final quarter. . Second half, 76th minute.
  9. Bulat stands firm! There was a great opportunity for Cercle! Gboho, who had just entered, entered the penalty area well and received a ball from the right. His shot does not surprise Polat, however, because the Turkish goalkeeper made an excellent save. . Second half, 69th minute.
  10. Second half, minute 68. Substitution in Cercle Brugge, Abu Francis in, Leonardo da Silva Lopez out
  11. Second half, 68th minute. Substituted in Cercle Brugge, Jan Gbohu in, Dino Hotic out
  12. Second half, 68th minute. Substitution in Westerlo, Lucas van Eno inside, Nene Dorgels out
  13. Second half, 68th minute. Westerlo substitution, Pietro Berdichesi, Halil Akponar off
  14. Second half, 64th minute. Westerlo are holding up well at the moment, but they are looking a bit offensive. Cercle is methodically cranking up the pressure, but he’s buying too little for his own at the moment. There haven’t been many great opportunities yet. .
  15. Second half, minute 62. The Bruges crowd is not a fan of referee De Kramer tonight. The long ball is not properly handled by Bolat, so that an egg can be scored afterwards. However, De Kremer had already whistled an offensive foul by Dinky on the Westerlo goalkeeper. The audience expresses its displeasure. .
  16. Second half, minute 57. Cercle still have plenty of time, but they are currently lacking in precision. Johan de Calloy on Radio 1.
  17. Second half, 55th minute. Cercle pressed and there was almost an equaliser. A shot from Hotic never quite clears, so that the ball lands almost too well for Bruges’ foot. Westerlo’s defense could do enough to prevent the worst. .
  18. Second half, 51st minute. There’s Westerlo again. De Cuyper attempts a shot from outside the penalty area. His attempt is a bit central. Goalkeeper Magici takes the skin out of his cage. .
  19. Second half, minute 47. Cercle Brugge immediately chooses to attack and tries to get through it together. He currently earns them a corner kick, but it poses no danger. .
  20. Second half, 46th minute, the game started
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