January 28, 2023

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Coupe de France: Monaco chokes on penalties in the second division and Dooku scores | football in France

In the Coupe de France, the first division teams will finish this weekend. Paris Saint-Germain rested its stars, and Monaco lost on penalties. Read the results here.

Round Nine (First Division Teams)
Jurassic Black Feet (IV) ajax 08/01
bao (second) Montpellier 2-1
Monaco Rodez (2nd) 2-2 (pen: 4-5)
Le Boy (third) Nice 1-0
Heres (fourth) Marseille 0-2
Lanyon FC (V) Toulouse 08/01
branches (third) Brest 0-2
virus (F) Nantes 0-2
La Châteauneur (VI) Lorient 08/01
Bordeaux (2nd) Ren 1-2
Dunkirk (third) Auxerre 08/01
Lone Plague (VI) Reims 08/01
Linas Montlhery (F) lens 0-2
night see 08/01
Strasbourg Konigshofen (6th) Claremont 0-0 (PIN: 4-3)
Strasbourg Angers 0-0 (PIN: 4-5)
Lions Metz (2nd) 2-1
Châteauroux (third) Paris Saint-Germain 1-3
  1. 20 hours 43.
  2. 20:16 Monaco is out. For Monaco, the Coupe de France has already ended in 1/32 finals. Second Division side Rodez, who are 17th in Ligue 1, have signed for a stunt tonight. & nbsp; Monaco ran 2-0 up, but the visitors forced a connection just before half-time, and the equalizer appeared on the board in the final stretch. In the penalty shootout, Monaco appeared to pull the card, but Golovin was unable to finish the match 4-3. After another mistake by Magassa, Rodez kept cool: 4-5 and the end of the story for Philippe Clement. & nbsp; .
  3. 2023-01-07.
  4. 23h40. Paris Saint-Germain wins without stars (and no surplus). Third-tier Châteauroux has yet to see PSG’s big names in the Coupe de France. Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar weren’t there. Donnarumma or Hakimi didn’t have to show up either. However, it was not a top club tour. After Ikitake’s opening goal, Châteauroux equalized before half-time: 1-1. It wasn’t until the second half that Soler was able to give PSG the lead again. Just before the tee-off whistle, Bernat made the final score 1-3. .
  5. 23 hours 39.
  6. 23 hours 36.
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