July 22, 2024

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Thanks to the series of success of the club and the federation: the Belgian UEFA coefficient has risen to a record level

Thanks to the series of success of the club and the federation: the Belgian UEFA coefficient has risen to a record level

Now, with the European football season approaching its climax, and Club Brugge the latest Belgian club to be eliminated, a new assessment of UEFA’s dealings can be made. With an annual total of 14,400 points, the Belgian teams were performing better than ever. Thus, our country strengthens its eighth position in the European classification.

Our country can look back on its fantastic season in Europe, the highlight of which was the historic semi-final against Club Brugge in the Conference League. This also increases the brightness of the European parameter.

Belgium has never collected more coefficient points than last season: 14,400. Our country is performing better than the previous record season last year. We then finished with an annual total of 14,200 points.

The five-year total, which determines position in the European rankings, now stands at 48,800 points. With this number, Belgium ranks eighth, far behind its first pursuers, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Scotland.

Classification of countries in the European Football Association
Season 23/24 the total
5. France 16,250 66,831
6. Holland 10,000 61,300
7. Portugal 11000 56,316
8. Belgium 14400 48800
9. turkey 12000 38,600
10. Czech Republic 13,500 36,050
11. Scotland 6400 36,050

The top ten places in the UEFA rating allow you to get a direct ticket to the group stage of the Champions League. Given our edge over the rest, our country seems to be in the safe zone for a few years.

The fact that Belgium has performed so well in the world rankings in recent years is undoubtedly due to the introduction of the Conference League.

The points that clubs can earn in the third European club competition are equivalent to Champions League and Europa League points. Belgium has been able to make optimal use of this system, especially in the past two years.

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