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LIVE CL Futsal: Anderlecht head into the semi-finals against Sporting |  Futsal

LIVE CL Futsal: Anderlecht head into the semi-finals against Sporting | Futsal

Anderlecht will play the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Champions League this weekend. Can Mallorca’s purple and white futsal players have a shot at the great Jay? We follow it on this page.

Small final
Sunday 5 pm
semi final
Sporting Lisbon (Port) Anderlicht Friday 6 p.m
Palma Mallorca (spa) Benfica (Port) Friday 9 pm

  1. 6:51 p.m. First half: 6-0 in favor of Sporting. Anderlecht finally managed to limit the damage in the second part of the first, but that too happened thanks to Sporting’s blessing. For the rest, it was an excruciating 20 minutes for everyone with a purple and white heart. .
  2. 18h34 Damage mounts: 6-0! Anderlecht tries to do something against him with a challenge (hand outside the goal area), but this protest is denied. Not long after, the criticism is back on the other side, which is a goal from Eric. .
  3. 6 pm 19. Painful! painful! The last glimmer of hope has now completely disappeared. Another goal after the kick-off, this time from Neves. It’s 5-0 and Sporting already has 5 different scorers on the board. .
  4. 6:15 pm .. Anderlecht outperformed 4-0! If this continues, the counter will not suffice. Substitute Edu hits the ball himself this time. In Sporting, they seem to be having a party after about 5 minutes. .
  5. 6 pm 10. 3-0 to Sporting! The dream has become a real nightmare for Anderlecht, and punishment is imminent. Alex Merlim could find space for the shot and leave Roncaglio without a chance. Anderlecht’s coach really has to use a time-out. .
  6. 6pm 07. 2-0 to Sporting! The nightmare continues. Once again they sleep at Anderlecht at kick-off. This time it was Thomas Bacco – with a slightly deflected shot – who could finish the match. Between the two goals, Anderlecht had already threatened, with a shot from Grello hitting the crossbar. .
  7. 18h05.1-0 for Sporting! Bad start for Anderlecht, with Sporting taking the lead after just over a minute. Violet and White are surprised with a quick shot, Cavenato is the fastest on the ball and scores right away. .
  8. 6 pm 01. Departure. We can start gradually. At Anderlecht, the five were named Roncalio, Tomic, Recia, Gilovic and Grillo. .
  9. 17 hours 49.
  10. 2023-05-05.
  11. 13h39.
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