June 21, 2024

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LIVE: Mariusz puts Seraing on the roses early on against Westerlo after a fantastic penalty kick |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

LIVE: Mariusz puts Seraing on the roses early on against Westerlo after a fantastic penalty kick | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 18′ – Goal – Valentin Guillaume (2-0)
  2. 8′ – Penalty – Marius Mwandelmadji (1-0)
  3. 7 ‘ – Yellow – Pietro Perdichizzi

The focus of the final day of the competition is Sunday, Seraing and Westerlo will play tonight. Seraing have been relegated, and the visitors are confident of the European qualifiers. Catch their encounter here from 6:15 p.m.

  1. First half goal, 18th minute by Valentin Guillaume of RFC Seraing. 2, 0.
  2. First half, 18th minute. There it is 2-0. Syringe is very effective! He cuts his leg clouds well and pushes the skin beyond Polat. & nbsp; .
  3. First half, min. 15. Westerlo won’t give up at the moment. Is this match too much for Kemfanen? .
  4. First half, minute 9.
  5. Goal after a penalty kick during the first half, 8th minute by Marius Mwandelmadji of Seraing FC. 1, 0.
  6. Yellow card for Pietro Berdichesi van Westerlo during the first half, minute 7
  7. First half, min. 7. Goal! Marius demands punishment and does not hesitate. Seraeng top scorer gives his team the lead. & nbsp; .
  8. First half, minute 5. Then a penalty. LaForge was called to the screen by VAR. Referee: a penalty and a yellow for Perdichizzi. & nbsp; .
  9. First half, fifth minute. Seraing there for the first time! Marius decides on the goal, but finds Westerlo’s arm in his path. No penalty, LaForge believes. What is the man doing in the truck? .
  10. First half, second minute. The ball is rolling. Referee Laforgue whistle on the match at the Stade de Bayray. & nbsp; .
  11. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
  12. Up front, at 5:59 p.m. Black beast Westerlo. The duels between Westerlo and Seraing aren’t exactly steeped in history. Both teams have only met 5 times. In none of those encounters were the Metallos able to take full advantage. & nbsp; .
  13. Advance 17:47. Mandatory number. There is nothing on paper, but in reality there is nothing to gain or lose. Will both coaches succeed in motivating their men? .
  14. Up front, at 5:42 p.m., Seraing and Westerlo will soon begin the last day of the regular competition. Metallo has already been sentenced to relegation, while Westerlo’s visitors have their tickets for Europe’s matches in their pocket. .
  15. before 12:40 p.m
  16. Before 12:40
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