April 17, 2024

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LIVE: Tissoudali also finds his way to the goal in Leuven |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

LIVE: Tissoudali also finds his way to the goal in Leuven | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 11′ – Goal – Tarek Tsoudali (0-1)

OH Leuven put an end to the union leader’s victory streak last week. Tonight OHL will host the AA Gent Championship, which is slowly making its way into the top four. Watch the match live here from 4.15pm.

  1. The first half, minute 25. Tissoudali is looking for a second, but he cannot get past two defenders. The stage was also marked as an offside. .
  2. Okumu care. The match was suspended for a while to treat an injury from Okumo, who could eventually continue. . First half, minute 22.
  3. First half, minute 21. Ohio Lovin grows in the game. Mercier sends De Nory centrally in front of the goal, but he does not dare to kick right away. chance gone. .
  4. First half, minute 17. AA Gent escapes! The visitors start messing around in the back: Cabriolet Depoitre passes through teammate Norio against the crossbar and doesn’t bounce over the goal line. Bad luck for OHL! .
  5. First half, minute 16. OHL replied. The home team is really getting close to Bulat for the first time. Mercier reaches the back line, and his cross through Ngdeo disappears in the corner. .
  6. First half, 15th minute. AA Gent continues its momentum. Odjidja smoothly turns away from his keeper, but then hits the target very centrally. .
  7. The VAR gives his blessing. The VAR had to check the goal for offside. After a few minutes they come out: the goal is important. . First half, minute 13.
  8. First half, minute 11.
  9. The first half, the 11th minute. Tsodali does it again! AA Gent takes the lead and once again Tissoudali finds his way into the goal, although with some luck: the shot deflects off De Norre’s foot and thus rolls over Rúnarsson in the goal. .
  10. A goal during the first half, the 11th minute, by Tariq Tsodali from KAA Gent team. 0, 1.
  11. The first half, minute 10.. Odjidja steals the ball from Ozkacar and sends to Depoitre, who veers too far and misses a great opportunity. .
  12. The first half, minute 6. The ball is mainly spinning in the Ohio Levin half, which the visitors forced into a defensive line. .
  13. The first half, minute 4. Agedja is very high. After a few quiet opening minutes, AA Gent distributes the first shot. Tissoudali slips into the penalty area and responds to Odjidja who explodes at once. .
  14. First half, third minute. Despite the heavy rain, the field still looks good. It’s also dry in Den Drive at the moment. .
  15. First half, minute 1. Kick-off. We left! Referee Jan Puterberg started the match. .
  16. The first half, 1 minute, the match started
  17. In advance, 4-13. We’re almost ready. Players and referees, with mouth masks, enter the field. .
  18. statistics. Note: Oud-Heverlee Leuven has not been able to hold three points at home against AA Gent since the merger. In 6 matches at the highest level, AA Gent beat Den Dreef 4 times and drew 2 times. . Advance, 3 p.m. 42.
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