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LIVE Vuelta: Runners or power hitters in the treacherous final stage?  |  Vuelta a Espana 2021

LIVE Vuelta: Runners or power hitters in the treacherous final stage? | Vuelta a Espana 2021

    1. Angel Madrazo (Spa)
    2. Carlos channel (Spa)
    3. Juan Bo (Spa)
    Leading group

    1. Angel Madrazo (Spa)
    2. Carlos channel (Spa)
    3. Juan Bo (Spa)


On the Vuelta, a relatively flat 163km ride is on the list, although the ride profile barely shows a meter flat. It rises and falls, the last kilometer is very steep. Follow Round 4 from 1.47pm and with photos from 3.50pm on live or one.

  1. 2 pm 55. We note that the red Taaramäe jersey is fifth in the peloton. Behind the Interarché-Wanty-Gobert train is the Movistar Blue Fleet. Enrique Mas came out a bit separate from the other ranking guys yesterday. “But more important than those seconds I hold is the fact that we feel good,” says Maas. .
  2. At the last hectometers it peaks at 7.7%. 14 hours 51.
  3. 14 hours 48. The chrono remains frozen for 3 minutes. Refugees Bou, Canal and Madrazo can really start collecting publicity in an hour, because then we will start broadcasting on One and on this page. .
  4. It’s 14 and 43. It’s a very technical final stage, I’ll be able to use my motocross skills. The captain of the Carlos channel knows the final.
  5. 14 hours 37. What about that last kilometer? The question of the day is: Can runners handle the last kilometer? Before the Vuelta, designer Fernando Escartin was convinced this stage would culminate in a sprint. But if we take a look at the road book, we find that the last kilometer is very difficult. Some sources say 7%, others 5%. Runners who can handle block or punches? It will be an exciting battle to win the stage. .
  6. Intermarché keeps variation limited. It was expected that the Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert would not give the fugitives much progress. The difference has been around 3 minutes for some time now. . 14 hours 28.
  7. 2 pm 27. Madrazo. In the lead group, Angel Madrazo knows how to win a stage at the Vuelta. Two years ago, “The Sparrow” (that’s his nickname) flew to victory atop Lagunas de Neila. Just like today, Madrazo had a teammate at his side: Jitsi Paul (yesterday at today’s race). & nbsp; .
  8. 14h 24. Video: Madrazo wins in a tough finish at Vuelta 2019.

    Video: Madrazo wins the Rookie of the Year at the 2019 Vuelta a…

  9. 2 pm 17. Vuelta Baby Channel. With the Carlos channel we have a “baby” Vuelta in the leading group. With 20 springs, the Spaniard is this year’s youngest participant. The channel might ring a bell with cyclocross fans. He is a multiple Spanish champion in the field. Two years ago, he finished seventh at the Junior World Championships at Cyclocross in Beaugnese. .
  10. 14 hours 13.
  11. 2 p.m. 11. In the peloton, drive the Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert. Hilaire Van der Schueren is defending the captain’s jersey for the first time on a Grand Tour. .
  12. 2 minutes. After 6 kilometers, Peloton is already in debt for two minutes to the three refugees. Madrazo is better up front, at 7’25” than the red Governor Rein Taaramäe .14 Hour 01.
  13. 13:55 The peloton gives his blessing to the three Spanish fortune seekers. The gap is already nearly 1 minute. .
  14. Time 13:51. The Spanish leader trio. 3 knights immediately broke through: Angel Madrazo, Carlos Canal (Burgos-BH) and Joan Bou (Euskaltel-Euskadi). .
  15. Match started 13h50
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