February 9, 2023

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Live: Who would Filippo Gana like to win the UAE Test Tour?  † UAE Tour 2022

Live: Who would Filippo Gana like to win the UAE Test Tour? † UAE Tour 2022

After two stages of sprinting, the peloton can prepare for the time trial. In the Emirates Tour today, the cyclists will travel 9 kilometers in Ajman. The first rider takes off from the starting blocks at 11.15 a.m. World champion Filippo Gana has already won two trials this year in Nedjima Bessig and in Provence. Does he still live up to his favorite role today? Follow it closely here.

  1. It’s 11 p.m. 40. Stefan Bisger takes the lead. Stefan Bisseger (EF Education-EasyPost) improved the time of Mikkel Berg (UAE). Beseiger cut 9 kilometers at 9’43”.
  2. 11 a.m. 36. Stefan Bisiger races the flat track for a time trial. He meets Clément Venturini as he rushes towards the end. & nbsp; †
  3. It’s 11:36. Best time for Mikkel Bjerg. Currently the fastest time is Mikkel Bjerg. We see that it is more difficult after the intermediate point because the wind is against us. Up to the intermediate point, Berg was driving at an average speed of 60.9 km/h. After the intermediate point he was driving at a speed of 53.4 km / h. Whoever wants to hit him has to do better than 10’07.”
  4. 11 a.m. 31. Wind propels riders forward on the first part of the time trial. Alexander Valsov drives at an average speed of 60 km / h. After turning, the wind is slightly converging. †
  5. 11 am 29. The first rider who started the day in Ajman has reached the finish line. Zakharov did it at 10’45”.
  6. 11 am 28. The Stefan Bisegger Papers. Stefan Bisiger takes off the podium on the UAE Tour. The Swiss from EF Education-EasyPost could do something with their time trial bike and they want to achieve great results again this year. Last season he won the time trial in Paris-Nice. What is he doing today? †
  7. 11 am 24. Philip Masijock (Bahrain – victorious) crashes past the first intermediate point. He can continue. †
  8. 11 am 23. The trial time is very fast. Zakharov drives an average of 57.6 km / h and then the specialists have not yet come. †
  9. 11 am 22. Berg begins his time trial. Michael Berg (UAE) is also a good time lecturer. He became a three-time world champion in the U23 class. What time does the Dane set today? This is his first time in the season. †
  10. 11 am 21. Zakharov arrived at the track point. Set a time at 4’41”.
  11. 11 am 15. The first contestant leaves. Artyom Zakharov (Astana, Kazakhstan) kicks off today. He is the first to start the 9 km trial in Ajman. †
  12. 11 am 11. Star rating preferred for stage winners and rating riders. 11.15 a.m.: Artyom Zakharov (first) 11.22 a.m.: Michael Berg 11.23 a.m.: Alexander Vlasov 11.28 a.m.: Stefan Besiger 12.01 a.m.: Roman Bardet 12.15 p.m.: Joao Almeida 12.34 a.m.: Filippo Jana 12.37 p.m.: Faustto 12.5 p.m. Pogacar 13:09: Tom Dumoulin 13:19: Jasper Philipsen (last).
  13. It’s 10:45 the way. Riders will complete a short-duration experience today on a flat track. They depart from Ajman and drive on the same route for 4.5 kilometers. The road is only interrupted by a back bend. After the only hitch, they return to Ajman. †
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