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Live: Will Laurens Sweeck play his favorite role in Leuven?  |  Etheas Kroos 2021

Live: Will Laurens Sweeck play his favorite role in Leuven? | Etheas Kroos 2021

    1. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    Leading group

    1. Lauren Swick (cute – good)
    1. Tom Mazin (cute – good)

    1. Tom Mazin (cute – good)


Laurens Sweeck (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) is the only outstanding player not to ignore cyclo-cross in Leuven for the Cross World Cup in Tabor. A second straight win is up to wins, but can Swick live up to his favorite role?

  1. 15 h 38. With Philip Orts and Tom Mausen, the nominees for the two honors seem familiar. But who can sit on the left and who can sit on the right next to you? .
  2. 15h 37. Laurens Sweeck can actually provide some power to a queue. Tonight he will fly to the Czech Republic, so anything left in the power tank may come in handy tomorrow. & nbsp; .
  3. 15 hours 33. Felipe Orts wants to be on stage again and smell him. Soete and Meeusen have to bite their teeth to follow. & nbsp; .
  4. 3:30 p.m. Three horsemen. There are three of them in the chase. Felipe Orts and colleagues Tom Mausen and Dan Sweety are still looking to podium. Vincent Pestin suddenly disappeared. .
  5. 15 hours 28. On the washboard and bars, Felipe Orts moves into second place. Swick seems to fly halfway, but it would be exciting for places of honor. & nbsp; .
  6. 3 pm 23. Solo swik. In a jiffy, Laurens Sweeck has sold a huge boost to his opponents. When he looks over his shoulder, he doesn’t see anyone going through the bend. Tom Meeusen, who is currently second, doesn’t fold yet, but the gap is already 14 seconds. .
  7. 3 pm 20. Smash away? Philip Orts has lost track of Lawrence Swick. The Spaniard bends twice on his leash, but Swick blows away. Will Daan Soete respond? .
  8. 15 hours 18. The leading group of 8 winds through the course on an elongated bar. Swik really shakes the tree now. Everyone should scribble to keep up with last year’s winner. & nbsp; .
  9. 3:00 pm 16:00 start of the third round. The Spanish champion actually takes the lead in Leuven. Felipe Orts takes Swick on his trail. Meanwhile, Daan Soete is also in the lead group. & nbsp; .
  10. 15 hours 14. Soyek will not escape his attackers at the moment. The Baestaens and Felipe Orts do not excuse the Pauwels leader Sauzen-Bingoal. Ward Hibbs, who led a strong first round, is also still with us. & nbsp; .
  11. 3 p.m. 11. Lorenz Swick increases pressure. Vincent Pestin risks keeping up with the best candidates. & nbsp; .
  12. 3 PM 09. Swick takes over. German champion Marcel Meissen also tries to join in, while Swick sprinted off the line with the first lap of his calf. Do you dare to attack in the second round? .
  13. 3 p.m. 08. Daan Soete has the luckiest sight in his sights. Thijs Aerts is a little further. Two names we expected in the foreground. & nbsp; .
  14. 3 p.m. 07. Professional cyclists are not on the greasy washboard. Swick should correct, but continues to ride in third. & nbsp; .
  15. 15 hours 06. Behind the leading group there is already a gap. Jarno Billins, Ward Hibbs, Vincent Paystein, and Lawrence Swick all benefit from the beautiful weather ahead. Daan Soete already has some work to do. & nbsp; .
  16. 3 p.m. 04. Jarno Billins and Ward Hibbs put speed ahead. Laurens Sweeck quickly follows in their tracks. .
  17. 3 pm the match started 02
  18. 14 hours 54. The fact that I can do another interview before the start says something. Tom Mazin.
  19. 2 pm 52. Most of my direct competitors are already in line. But there are still some men who can make my life miserable. Lauren Swick.
  20. 14 hours 29. The second straight win? Laurens Sweeck tops the bill for Ethias Cross in Leuven. That’s certainly in the absence of Tun Aerts, Quentin Hermanns, Eli Iserbet, Matthew van der Poel and European champion Lars van der Haar, among others. A second straight win beckons. Last year, Swick defeated Ton Aerts and Michael Fanthornhout in Leuven. & nbsp; .
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