March 4, 2024

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Live winter training.  With Leoni as a substitute for Vertonghen: Anderlecht trains against Al-Ahly this afternoon  Winter training

Live winter training. With Leoni as a substitute for Vertonghen: Anderlecht trains against Al-Ahly this afternoon Winter training

2:40 pm

Leoni collapses in defense at Anderlecht

Anderlecht will play a training match against Libyan champion Al-Ahly this afternoon at the end of its winter training camp in Tunisia. The Purple & White will start in what will be almost the starting lineup for the cup tie against Union. Theo Leoni's name stands out in defence, as he replaces the injured Jan Vertonghen. Nelson Angulo also earned a starting spot.


Genk lost to Paderborn

Racing Genk ended their winter training in Benidorm, Spain, with a 2-1 defeat to German second division club Paderborn. The Limburgers completed a four-time, thirty-minute match. Zeqiri scored the first goal, but in the final stage Paderborn won after two penalty kicks. Genk won their other training match against Lugano earlier this week, 4-0.


There are no two training matches tomorrow for Anderlecht

Change in Anderlecht's match schedule tomorrow. Not two training matches, but one 90-minute match against Al-Ahly at 3 p.m.


The club beat Nuremberg 3-0


Jutgla x2

It goes fast. once again Jutglà after an assist from Zinkernagel: 3-0.


Jutglà makes it 2-0

Ferran Gutgla doubles the score Nuremberg. Right after Deila changed his entire team. These names are currently playing: Jackers, Sabbe, Yameogo, Boyata, Seys, Homma, Balanta, Skoras, Zinckernagel, Barbéra and thus also Jutglà's top scorer.


Vanaken scores in the 15th minute

Hans Vanaken put Club Brugge ahead against Nuremberg in the 16th minute. The captain completed a clever combination and thus capitalized on the dominance of the Blue Black against the German second division side.

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Club this afternoon with the starting lineup and Skov Olsen against Nuremberg

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A match in Marbella for Club Brugge, which will face Nuremberg in Germany at two in the afternoon. Blau Zwart will do so with the strongest team for the cup match against Gent next Tuesday, and the main team also includes Andreas Skov Olsen, who left training yesterday as a precaution. Three 45-minute sessions were completed. During the second part, the core team makes way for the substitutes. Sabi, among others, will celebrate his return.

Club until the 67th minute: Mignolet; De Cuyper, Spillers, Michel, Major; Vetelsen, Nielsen; Skov Olsen, Vanaken, Noosa; Thiago

Club from the 67th minute: Jackers; SAP, YAMIGO, BOYATA, CES; Homa, Balanta; Skoras, Zinkernagel, Barbera; Gutjala

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Humble Leko after the draw against Dortmund: “Just look at ourselves”

2:05 pm

Easy training win for Genk

Racing Genk claimed an easy win this afternoon on stage in Spain. The Limburgers won 4-0 over Swiss club Lugano, the European rivals of Club Brugge and Union, earlier this season. Luca Owen scored twice before the end of the first half, while Sur and Tolo also scored. 16-year-old Konstantinos Karitsas provided the assist for the latter's goal.


Skov Olsen stops club training as a precaution

While Andreas Skov Olsen was still at Marbella, he left Club Brugge training early as a precaution. The Danish winger could miss tomorrow's training match against Nuremberg.


Standard draws with Borussia Dortmund

Under the watchful eye of Marouane Fellaini, Standard and Dortmund played out a 3-3 draw. Our compatriot Thomas Meunier gave Dortmund the lead, but Kanga single-handedly turned the situation around in Roche's favour. After Papadopoulos won 2-2, Perica Standard gave the lead for the second time, but in the final stage the score became 3-3.


Fellaini attends a standard training match

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A spectator surprise in Standard's training match against Borussia Dortmund. None other than former Red Devil Marouane Fellaini has been spotted in the stands in Marbella. Fellaini is on holiday in the region and has therefore taken some time to see his former club in action.

Fellaini has officially been absent from any club since the beginning of this year after his departure from his Chinese club, Shandong Luneng, where he played for nearly five years. For some time, rumors have emerged about Fellaini's possible retirement, but he and his entourage were quick to quash them.

On Friday, Fellaini will also sign for Franks Borens, the 1B club in which the former Red Devil invested. “Marwan will evaluate his experience in Asia and discuss the news surrounding Frank Borens,” the announcement read.

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Vertonghen and Dolberg train individually

Anderlecht finished their fourth day of winter training in Tunisia. Except for Jan Vertonghen and Kasper Dolberg, everyone can do their best. Vertonghen and Dolberg are still training individually at the moment. Dolberg will be ready for the cup match against Union, but there is still a question mark behind Vertonghen's name in the cup quarter-final match. Thomas Delaney is working on his recovery from his hamstring injury at Nerbid, and is also hoping to be fit for the game against Union. (kdz)


look. The club is training twice again

The fourth day of Club Brugge training. Again there are two training sessions on the program. Ordonez has not joined the group yet.


Genk with blonde Muñoz in Benidorm

Racing Genk arrived in Benidorm yesterday and have now completed their first training sessions. Matias Galarza did not travel with the Limberger family. The Argentine midfielder's partner is in hospital. Camiel van de Pere, a midfielder who usually plays for Jong Genk, is missing due to illness. The two were replaced by Ibrahim Souri Bangura and Alfred Caicedo.

Gerardo Arteaga, who is in Monterrey's interest, is simply there. Just like Daniel Muñoz, who had a new hairstyle. (BFA)

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Games night in Anderlecht


First day of standard training

Ivan Leko and Standard finished their first day of training in Marbella. Roche's team will train against Dortmund on Tuesday. Isaac Hayden (likely to return to Newcastle), Steven Alzate (injured) and Aiden O'Neill (Asia Cup) did not travel to Spain.


Cercle Brugge spoils coach Beerschot Kuyt's debut

Kevin Dinke returned today in the Circle shirt, after missing the 2023 final match against Anderlecht due to the death of his mother. Cercle Brugge won a training match behind closed doors against Beerschot 3-1. Ouattara, El-Bahri and Nazinho scored for the Black Green. The team's savior was the new coach Dirk Kuyt, named Jerel Haack.

Cercle Brugge will leave tomorrow for six days of training in Monaco. It is not yet certain whether this is an asset Felipe Augusto will board the plane. Noah de Ridder, HAnd the youth product of AA Gent It is definitely part of the choice.


Big setback for Malinois: Bassett out with a knee injury

A heavy setback for KV Mechelen. Striker Norman Bassett – who had been in good form in the weeks leading up to the winter break – did not go to training with Malinois in favor of Benatar. The striker suffered a meniscus injury on Thursday afternoon. Bassett felt his kneecap crack. The severity of the injury is not yet known. (your grandfather)

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