April 16, 2024

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Live: Ziyech puts Chelsea ahead in the Super Cup against Villarreal |  European Super Cup 2021

Live: Ziyech puts Chelsea ahead in the Super Cup against Villarreal | European Super Cup 2021

  1. 45′ – Yellow – Antonio Rudiger
  2. 43′ – Verve. Hakim Ziyech by Christian Pulisic
  3. 27′ – Goal – Hakim Ziyech (1-0)
  1. 70′ – Verve. Manu Trigueros for Moy Gomez
  2. 70′ – Verve. Etienne Capoy Babe Mario Gaspard
  3. 66′ – Kurt Zouma’s follow up to Andreas Christensen
  4. 65′ – Verve. Timo Werner Bab Mason Mount
  5. 65′ – Verve. N’Golo Kanté Door Jorginho
  6. 61′ – Yellow – Yéremi Pino
  7. 58′ – Verve. The door of Alfonso Pedraza Pervis Estupiñán

Tonight the first European prize will be awarded. The Champions League winner and Europa League winner traditionally compete for the Super Cup. The scene in Windsor Park in Belfast. Follow the progress here.

  1. Second half, minute 70. Substitution in Villarreal CF, entered Moi Gómez, and Manu Trigueros.
  2. The second half, the 70th minute. Substitution in Villarreal, Mario Gaspar inside, Etienne Capoue outside
  3. Once again, Mendy has to get down to business. Villarreal’s chances remain. Substitute Estupinan must try from a very sharp angle and that’s up the alley of goalkeeper Mendy, who is making a save again. But where is Chelsea’s answer? . Second half, 68th minute.
  4. Second half, 66th minute. Substitution in Chelsea, Andreas Christensen inside, Kurt Zouma out
  5. Second half, minute 65. Substitution in Chelsea, Mason Mount inside, Timo Werner outside
  6. The second half, the 65th minute. Substitution in Chelsea, Jorginho inside, N’Golo Kante outside
  7. The second half, the 64th minute. Three new players in blue. The Supercup isn’t the main target, of course, Chelsea’s seat is too big, so Tuchel could open a box of new players. Kante, Zuma and Werner move to the side. Jorginho, Christensen and Mount take the place. .
  8. Yellow card for Villarreal’s Yeremi Pino during the second half, 61st minute
  9. The second half, the 60th minute. Chelsea are now coming out of a defensive barrel. Cheslea is unrecognizable offensively, but she is solid defensively. Young Chloba really shows his talent. He prevents Diya from approaching. great work. .
  10. Second half, minute 58. Substitution in Villarreal CF, Pervis Estupiñán inside, Alfonso Pedraza outside
  11. The second half, the 57th minute. Substitution in Villarreal. Pedraza paves the way for Estupinan, left back from Ecuador. He’s a left-back for a left-back, but maybe a little more offensive. .
  12. Second half, 55th minute. Villarreal started playing better after the break. They attack more and more aggressively. Pedraza gets rid of Shaloba, but guard Mindy does well. & nbsp; .
  13. The ball is on the post. Once again, the goal wood keeps Villarreal from a tie. Mendy kicks off big for his slip. Dia surrendered perfectly with striker Moreno, whose low kick in Mendy’s goal … but at the post. In the replay, we only see that Mendy’s fingertips ensure that the ball hits the post. . Second half, minute 52.
  14. Second half, 47th minute. We got a picture of Ziyech – the scorer – with his arm in a kind of lever. His presence already in the stands could be a good sign. .
  15. The second half, the 46th minute, the match started
  16. Second half, 45th minute. Start the second half. The ball is rolling again in Northern Ireland. It’s up to Villarreal to come up with an answer. Otherwise, Chelsea will win the Super Cup, as happened in 1998.
  17. Rest, 9:50 p.m. Rest. Chelsea go to rest with a deserved lead. Ziyech scored after a little less than half an hour after a wonderful attack by the London club. Chelsea still had chances, but got away with the score 1-1 in the end. .
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