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How do you make the perfect tonic and gin?  “Your choice of tonic determines 90% of the taste of your cocktail” |  food

How do you make the perfect tonic and gin? “Your choice of tonic determines 90% of the taste of your cocktail” | food

The tonic and gin cocktail has been a favorite of many for years. However, we often don’t get the full potential of the Gods Potion. “You can do many things with gin and tonic. This summer, spice and flower solutions are especially popular. An instant holiday feeling in your glass.” Bartender Noa Ongevalle of The Pharmacy shares six tips for the perfect tonic and shop.

1. Think of your tonic

“A few years ago, one gin after another was brought to the market. We now see the same thing happening with a tonic. Tonics are more than ever. There is something for everyone, but one tonic is not the other. Your choice of tonic determines the taste of a cocktail 90%. So. Think carefully about what you like and remember gin.The more neutral the gin, the more specific your tonic will be to the final taste.With classic citrus gin you can safely use an aromatic tonic.Indian tonic will subtly bring out the bitterness of gin.Do you like it a little sweeter?Then it is recommended to use a tonic Aged or neroli. Do you prefer a more pronounced gin? Then go for a more neutral tonic, like Mediterranean with a scent of rosemary and citrus.”

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2. Adhering to the perfect service

Adventurous souls can of course experiment with the combination of flavors to their heart’s content. Prefer to play it safe? Then find the perfect serving of gin. Almost every gin writes some sort of tasting guide, which you can quickly find with a little Google search. This perfect rendering tells you which type of tonic works best for gin and which plants bring out the taste of gin. For example, Gin Hendrix is ​​best combined with elderberry tonic, something few know about. Some labels also remember to present it perfectly on the back of the bottle. Handy!” Prefer easier? Nowadays, there are many cocktail packages that contain everything necessary to get the perfect tonic and gin.

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Some even throw an entire fruit basket into their gin and tonic. Beautiful, but not really tasty.

Waiter Noa Ungevale

3. Do not over-decorate

Waiter Noa Ungevale © Peter de Hoop

Rose petals, raspberries, citrus… “Some even throw an entire fruit basket into their gin and tonic (laughs). Nice, but not really tasty. At The Pharmacy we are somewhat frugal with garnishing. An excess of toppings comes at the expense of the taste of gin. Also consider the plants in your gin.This summer, the demand for flower and spice gins is on the rise.The rosemary sprig is also very tasty as a garnish.With a copperhead, it’s best to use some grapefruit,a slice of lemon that goes perfectly with a Bombay.Add The garnish is always at the end. The longer those perks stay in your cup, the more they change the taste of your gin. Dried plants give barely any aftertaste. Perfect for those who love the decor and the taste of pure gin.”


The fewer blocks of ice in the glass, the faster it will melt. Fill the glass completely with ice.

Waiter Noa Ungevale

4. Use a measuring cup

Even if you are a true connoisseur of gin and tonic: always use a measuring cup. If poured by hand, your cocktail will be stronger or more bitter than the next. The balance between gin and tonic should be just right. The ideal tonic and gin consists of 5 cl of gin and 15 1 cl of tonic. Depending on the tonic you use, ¾ or a full bottle. With some solutions you can use the bottle cap as a measuring cup. In Gin Mare, 5 cl of gin fits right in the cap!”

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5. Baby Ice

People often think that snow will lighten their gin and tonic, but the opposite is true. The fewer blocks of ice in the glass, the faster it will melt. Try it! For the perfect tonic and sweetener, fill a spherical or tall glass with ice completely. Then add 5 cl of gin, then add 15 cl of tonic and give it a little stirring To mix the flavors well. The aficionados among us can finish their cocktail with some garnish. And voila, enjoy! “

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