November 30, 2022

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Logitech launches new line of keyboards and mice for Mac

Logitech aims to meet the needs of Mac users with dedicated keyboards and mice. The latest additions to the collection are a mechanical keyboard and ergonomic mouse.

Logitech has four additions to it today Designed for MacA wallet has been announced, neatly divided between two keyboards and two devices. This product line consists mostly of hardware products from the Logitech group that the Swiss hardware manufacturer has re-engineered for better Mac compatibility.

MX Mechanical Mini (for Mac)

This is the first mechanical keyboard that Logitech has converted for the Mac. The key layout has been modified and the hotkeys can be set up by yourself via Logi Options +. The tactile keys in the keys reduce typing noise. During the working day into the late hours, the switches light up automatically when your hand approaches and the light adapts to the environment to save battery.

Source: Logitech

You can connect the keyboard to three devices via Easy Switch and it is compatible with macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. The MX Mechanical Mini keyboard is now available through the Logitech web store for €159.99 (including VAT).

MX Master 3S (for Mac)

Logitech has also redesigned the MX Master 3S Mouse to improve the user experience on Macs. According to the manufacturer, you can go through 1,000 lines per second using the electromagnetic MagSpeed ​​wheel. The silent tap feature ensures that no one can hear you as you scroll and tap.

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Just like a mechanical keyboard, you can connect the mouse to three different devices via Easy Switch. If you choose a wired connection, the mouse will charge while you are using it. Available immediately for €129.99 (including VAT).

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Elevator (for Mac)

Also the lifting mouse that logged you already Pre-launched for Windows It gets a new version for Mac. This mouse has an iron-like structure and tilts at an angle of 57 degrees. Hold the mouse as if you want to shake someone’s hand. This puts much less pressure on your wrists. This comfortable mouse will cost you €79.99 (including VAT).

Logitech elevator mac
Source: Logitech

The latest addition to the Mac lineup is a new color option for the K380 Bluetooth keyboard. In addition to white and pink, the “Simplified” keyboard is now also available in a blue-purple color, priced at €54.99 (including VAT).