February 27, 2024

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look.  A 31-year-old singer is dying and releases her last song: “The returns are for my son” |  outside

look. A 31-year-old singer is dying and releases her last song: “The returns are for my son” | outside

Kat Janis, a 31-year-old singer from Washington, D.C., is dying. She announced this herself in a video on social media. The woman was told in April 2022 that she had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her neck, which is a very rare type of cancer. She was declared cured last year, but she relapsed. Meanwhile, she also lost her voice, but the singer has released one final song. “And all proceeds from ‘Dance You Outta My Head’ will go to my son.”

look. Cat Janis releases her son's final song

On April 1, 2022, disaster struck Cat Janice and her family. Doctors diagnosed synovial sarcoma, a cancer of the muscle tissue in her neck. She entered the fray with her friends, family and fans. With success, after only three months, the tumor was “only half its size.”

Janis has resumed her music career and it seems the eccentric singer has left once again. Until the cancer was diagnosed again in May 2023, this time in her lungs. “I'm going to have to start treatment again,” she told her followers in an emotional video. “But I'm trying to be strong, and I'll keep you posted. Thank you for all the support.”

Unfortunately, her treatment was unsuccessful this time, and at the beginning of this year Janice announced that she was in menopause. The singer put all her energy into one final song. “I thought the world should hear this song. My dying wish is for you to share and listen to this song, and all proceeds go to my 7 year old son,” she wrote on TikTok.

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A few days after her call, the song had already been listened to millions of times. A few days later, Janis's “Dance You Outta My Head”, that's the name of the song, reached number seven on iTunes Worldwide. The song also reached number one in Romania, Ireland and the Czech Republic.