December 1, 2023

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Why cars with a red A in France often drive slower than other traffic |  Mobility

Why cars with a red A in France often drive slower than other traffic | Mobility

In France, you regularly see cars with a sticker with a red letter A on the back. What do the stickers mean and why do you often drive slower than other traffic?

You see it regularly in France: cars with a red sticker. In addition to the red sticker, these cars often also have a sticker. It shows a small figure behind the wheel and a large figure next to it. The last label often says “conduite accompagnée”.

There is no learning car

The letter “A” comes from the French cadet, meaning student. This is not an official training car, but a car operated by a student who has already taken a number of driving lessons.

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This sticker indicates that the driver has someone sitting next to him as a companion. © Largos

In France you are actually allowed Start getting your driver’s license at age fifteen. After a number of theoretical and practical lessons at a driving school, you will obtain a trial driving license and can practice on the road yourself. Then there should always be a supervisor sitting next to you who has a part-time driving license, such as your father or mother.

Trial driving licence

Depending on the course you choose, you have to drive for two or three years with a probationary driving licence. It is necessary to put a red sticker with the letter A on your car. This means other road users know to watch out for a novice driver behind the wheel.

Remarkably, you will not have to deal with stricter alcohol limits, but you will have to drive at a speed 10 kilometers slower than the maximum speed that applies to other traffic. On highways, they must stay 20 kilometers below the speed limit.

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