April 16, 2024

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look.  Did you look really sloppy this morning?  Waking up the white bear is the new star of the Internet |  HLN’s Instagram

look. Did you look really sloppy this morning? Waking up the white bear is the new star of the Internet | HLN’s Instagram

That angry look that warns: “Leave me alone for at least five more minutes.” Those eyes perverted at half past six. Those wild, unruly hairs. This bear came out of his sleep… whacked. Maybe it was a rough night? Or a four-hour nap that should only last for half an hour? Anyway, everyone stood like Shada Bear. It is no coincidence that the monstrous white necrosis is now going viral.

The White Rock Bear Sanctuary in Ukraine shared witty shots of the animal on TikTok this week. The counter already reaches nearly 22 million views and over 1.6 million likes. Maybe this morning you also had this painfully awake look? Or are you saving it for Monday morning?

look. Shada, the teddy bear who conquers the Internet with her morning appearance

Who exactly is this great new star of the internet? Meet Chadda, a rare subspecies of the Isabel or Himalayan bear. The species is listed as endangered on the International Red List; There will only be about 300 of these animals left in the wild.

Bear Chada at the White Rock Bear Sanctuary in Ukraine. © “WHITE ROCK” BEAR SHELTER

Circus bear

Chadda herself is 24 years old, and was born on Christmas Day 1998. And she doesn’t always look as tired as in the viral video. She has a beautiful white coat and a very special appearance. But the animal did not have an easy life. Her parents, like many other bears, were taken from the wilds of Central Asia during the Soviet era only to end up in zoos and circuses.

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Shada was born a circus bear and has spent most of her life traveling. When she was no longer useful to her first coach, he sold her to another person for more traveling circuses; Even with the National Circus of Ukraine. In the end, she no longer travels. Her boss left her in a rusty little crate somewhere in an industrial estate outside Kiev. She lived there for 7 years.

Bear Shada.
Bear Shada. © White Rock Bear Refuge

Animal activists discovered at some point that Chadda was trapped there and turned into the White Rock Bear Sanctuary in Chupinsk, on the outskirts of Kiev. Unfortunately, at that time there was no place for a private white bear in the bear sanctuary, so Shada had to go to a private zoo first. There she was not mistreated and well fed, but the conditions were still unacceptable for a bear.


In July 2019, redemption came. Shada managed to go to the White Rock Bear Sanctuary, where she is still enjoying her old age. After years in the circus and being treated badly, the animal has very poor eyesight and has almost no teeth left. But the bear won’t let her get to her heart, according to her keepers. Despite her troubled past, she is very happy and cheerful, and has a very gentle nature. She is also the star of the bear family at the reserve and is enjoying her retirement to the fullest. And her nap!

The bear sanctuary hopes that, despite the war in Ukraine, they can continue to care for their animals for a long time and safely.

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Again to cap it off: What a gorgeous morning look from Shada: