June 9, 2023

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look. Dutch teams Utrecht and RKC make a statement: players keep their legs in protest against the Football Association and the ‘trophy throwers’ | foreign football

Eredivisie FC Utrecht and RKC Waalwijk were forced to enter twice last night because a cup was thrown onto the pitch from the stands. The referee did not stop the match completely. The two teams went out again, but made a statement and kept their legs still.

“We want to make a statement as footballers,” RKC captain Michael Kramer told ESPN. “What’s happening here doesn’t suit 19,000 supporters behaving properly. Football is being destroyed. If you have to go in for fifteen minutes at a time, it takes that whole rhythm out of football. We don’t want that.”

This opinion was shared by captain Nick Vergever of FC Utrecht. “The rules are clear, but this is already the sixth game to be shut down. Football is a fun outing where you go with your kids. We want to have fun and we need the fans to support us. This behavior doesn’t belong here. Few people ruin it for the rest.”

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He was relieved that the game was played after all. The rules officially state that the game will be permanently stopped if something falls on the field for the second time. “It’s just not fun. We want to play a good game, it’s a shame you have to go through these kinds of things all the time.”

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Kramer: “Now it’s always stressed we get in. We don’t have to go all the way in and go in every little thing,” said the RKC captain. “I’m 34 now if I get fifteen minutes inside every time it won’t make me any flexibility.”


Mayor involved in the consultation

Referee Ingmar Ostrom also came in front of the ESPN cameras. “The protocol is actually a permanent strike, but at the end of the day, other influences and interests, such as public order, also play a role. The mayor makes the decision. After the second time, I had consultations with the various parties and the mayor was also involved. It was not surprising, because that Also described in the protocol. “I have a small role to play. I get instructions.”

The arbitrator knows nothing of the statement. Then I asked both commanders: are we going to do it like this? Then the two minutes passed. I’m glad the game is finally over. But I’d rather talk about other things, like great goals or great actions.”

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