March 4, 2024

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Look-E unveils the Expert View app in collaboration with Vodafone and Ericsson during the Mobile World Congress

Look-E unveils the Expert View app in collaboration with Vodafone and Ericsson during the Mobile World Congress

Together with partners 5G Hub, Vodafone and Ericsson, Look-E offers a unique no-code live visual labeling system. This system changes the way complex operations can be completed. For example, innovative technology uses human experts to provide live directions remotely, in combination with AI-powered large vision models (LVMs). These LVMs act as digital experts who guide users through smart glasses to perform complex tasks.

Expert View makes interactive instructions immediately visible to installation, maintenance and repair personnel. The application visualizes additional knowledge and insights, in particular that knowledge and experience that was previously only available after gaining experience, through training or under the guidance of an on-site trainer. The gap between experience and implementation has now been bridged thanks to the app.

Thanks to integration with 5G mobile edge infrastructure, visual data is processed instantly and without delay; Everything that eyeglass wearers see and real-time interpretations of AI detection algorithms. Founder and Director of Look-E BV, Martin Lookart: “This creates a revolutionary experience for eyeglass wearers who see an additional 3D layer containing information about reality. It is as if an expert is constantly looking over your shoulder, pointing at you and explaining things to you.

The collaboration between Look-E and 5G Hub represents a major leap in technological progress and opens up unprecedented new possibilities for providing support even at an ordinary level. Additionally, the patented technology is ready to be seamlessly integrated into the next generation of wearable devices. “This strategic alliance reinforces the commitment of Look-E, Ericsson and Vodafone to push the boundaries of technological progress in the telecommunications sector,” said Jan Spruijt, Head of 5G Center at Vodafone.

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The culmination of this collaboration will be on display at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2024 in Barcelona at booth 8.0B31.7.

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