March 4, 2024

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With this “revolutionary” indoor grill you can grill every day

With this “revolutionary” indoor grill you can grill every day

There is no garden, there is no good weather and there are still barbecues – only in the kitchen. This is possible with the new Smart Indoor Smoker unveiled by the American company GE. The company calls it a “revolutionary application of technology.”

In the coming days, hundreds of new devices will be announced at the major technology exhibition CES 2024 in Las Vegas. If you want to stand out as a manufacturer, it is natural to have something that is “the first and only in the world”. GE Appliances, known for its ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances, is making that claim with its new product. Smart indoor smoker.

According to the company, this smart electric smoker is the world's first device for indoor barbecue. The indoor smoker turns smoke from real wood pellets into warm air, which is used to grill your food. According to GE, it works with a “fraction” of the number of pellets you'd need for a regular grill.

Active smoke filtration

The device also has a built-in thermometer that you can insert into meat. The tool can be operated via the SmartHQ app, which can also give you the correct settings based on your dish.

According to General Electric, the device works safely thanks to the new Active Smoke Filtration technology, with a specially developed catalytic system and active smoke filtration. You will smell a “smoky odor,” but GE says this is normal. “Active smoke filtration technology ensures smoke is converted into warm air. Cleaning your device after each use will reduce the time odors remain.”

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Five smoke levels

You can adjust the smoke density and temperature as per your preference. There are six preset food settings and five different smoke settings, so GE says you can “experiment with smoke levels until you find the perfect flavor.”

“We are not only simplifying the smoking process, but also opening it up as a way of cooking to a whole new audience,” GE CEO Andrei Zhdanov said in the announcement. It's not cheap: The Smart Indoor Smoker costs $999.

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