June 10, 2023

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look. Handball overshadows football last weekend: penalty kick stages in Ghent, Anderlecht and Antwerp under discussion | Jupiler Pro League

Penalty twice, nothing. Handball dominated soccer last weekend in the Jupiler Pro League. On Saturday night, AA Gent head coach Hein Vanheisbrouck and teammate Karel Gerats disagreed over two hand phases. Yesterday, Anderlecht’s Sardella made a good start, and Sommers and Cercle Brugge were awarded a penalty.

look. Touching penalty stages after Gent-Union

AA Gent UnionThere is no penalty after De Sart’s handplay, but Lynen’s handplay

16th minute: Al-Ittihad was not awarded a penalty kick after Lazar hit the ball on De Sarte’s arm in the penalty area.

79th minute: The ball hits the center for AA Gent, against a handball by Lynen.

Two stages caused a stir after that. The Union in particular felt short. “You’ve seen the pictures. My opinion is very simple,” said a frustrated Karel Gerats. “Either you whistle for a penalty on both sides, or you don’t on both sides.” It’s the same game with the same VAR control. We’ll hear the explanation on Tuesday.”

look. Karel Gerarts: “It’s either one penalty or no one”

Siebe Van der Heyden joined his coach and did not understand at all why Union did not get eleven metres. “If you see how De Sarthe acted as a goalkeeper at a certain point, I regret that we didn’t get a penalty. I thought VAR should have intervened here. They got a penalty and scored it 1-1. If you whistled a penalty for such a stage on one side, You must do the same on the other side.”

Al-Ittihad defender Burgess responded on Instagram. © Instagram

On the other hand, Hein Vanhaezebrouck accepted the arbitration options. He saw a distinct difference between de Sarthe’s and Lenin’s handballs. “De Sart pulls his arm towards his body and then puts the ball into his hand. In the stage with Lenin, I see a hand away from the body. And that is also what VAR witnessed.”

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Anderlecht Westerlo: No penalty after Sardella had possession

In the second half, Vetokele kicked the ball in the direction of Sardella’s arm – a body part – from a few metres. Westerlo is all crying out for a penalty. Referee Lawrence Visser waves a protest away. The video assistant referee does not interfere.

There was also a stage in Bosuil, which is fodder for discussion. Cercle Brugge’s Somers tries to press on the edge of the penalty area for Antwerp’s Stengs. As a result, he hits the ball with his arm. Very unfortunate and unintentional, but it’s a penalty. It was VAR that summoned Van Driessche to the screen. After seeing the pictures, the referee decided to whistle a penalty kick.

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