June 2, 2023

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look. Price gets his groove on: The Welshman first silences the crowd and then beats Van Gerwen in the final | sports

DartsTalk about mental flexibility. Jeroen Price won the eighth night for Darts in the Premier League. The Welshman was booed by the Newcastle crowd, but he was hitting back with his arrows. In the final, the former world champion cleared the floor with Michael van Gerwen (6-1). The price achieved a staggering average of nearly 115.

look. Price responds to boos from the crowd in the semi-final against Dobey

Dimitri van den Berg could not claim a leadership role in England. ‘Dancing Dimi’ lost outright to Nathan Aspinall (6-5) in the quarter-finals after a missed shot on the bull. Aspinall was thrilled (see video below), but was no match for Michael van Gerwen in the semi-final. Mighty Mike didn’t even give him a leg up: 6-0.

look. In his joy, Aspinall does not know where he will remain after the victory over Van den Berg

Then the other semi-final match was even more exciting. Chris Dobie faced home fielder Jeroen Price, who was booed by the crowd. People sided with Dobey and Price lost his cool for a moment (see video above). But he showed his mental resilience after that. Price made it 6-4 and steamed until the final.

He immediately grabbed Van Gerwen by the throat and only let the Dutchman breathe when the score was 5-0. ‘MVG’ is not at its best, the price is a mess: 6-1. The price averaged nearly $115 – whopping.

look. Very strong. Price beats Van Gerwen in the final

1. Michael van Gerwen – 25 points
2. Jeroen Price – 18 points
3. Nathan Aspinall – 13 points
4. Michael Smith – 12 points
5. Chris Dobie – 10 points
6. Dimitri van den Bergh – 9 points
7. Johnny Clayton – 7 points
8. Peter Wright – 2 points

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