December 5, 2023

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Hamilton athlete passes through the dust: “I take full responsibility”

Hamilton athlete passes through the dust: “I take full responsibility”

Lewis Hamilton retired from the race on the first lap of today’s Qatar Grand Prix. The British Mercedes driver collided with his teammate George Russell’s car in the first corner. The emotions were great, but Hamilton also showed that he is a great athlete. He apologized after that.

Hamilton saw a gap at the start of the race and decided to move on. He pushed his car alongside Russell’s car, but Max Verstappen also drove alongside it. Hamilton touched the front of Russell’s car with his rear wheel. Hamilton lost a tire and slid backwards on the gravel and his race was over. He must still report the incident to the stewards, and must also take responsibility for crossing the lane.

After that Hamilton’s reaction was very sporty. He posted a photo on Instagram and wrote that he took full responsibility and that he apologized to Russell. Sky Sports also commented: “I’m sorry for the team. We had the opportunity to score good points today. I didn’t understand what was happening at first, I felt something at the back. I don’t think George can leave.” “Anywhere. I take full responsibility. Everyone works hard, so it’s a shame that we have come to this conclusion. This rarely happens to me.”

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