April 17, 2024

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look.  Putin noticeably kind to Biden after calling him 'son of a bitch': 'Appropriate response to what I've already said' |  outside

look. Putin noticeably kind to Biden after calling him 'son of a bitch': 'Appropriate response to what I've already said' | outside

Although US President Joe Biden (81 years old) spoke again against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin (71 years old), the latter still wants Biden – not Trump – to be re-elected. Biden called Putin a “son of a bitch” on Wednesday, but the Russian head of state doesn't mind. “It was the appropriate response,” he says. “Biden is still the best choice.”

“Crazy sob”, “son of a bitch” or crazy “bastard”: this is what Biden described Putin last Wednesday during a meeting in San Francisco. According to the US President, his Russian counterpart only causes headaches for the world. “We're stuck with that crazy bastard, Putin and others,” quipped Biden, who in the past has referred to the Russian president as a “war criminal,” “butcher” and “murderer.”

In response to the flogging, the Kremlin, in turn, described Biden as a “Hollywood cowboy.” “Did Mr. Putin use a single obscene word to address you? This has never happened before. That is why I think America is undermining itself with this kind of language,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

“Biden remains the best choice.”

But Putin himself does not seem bothered by these insults. In an interview with Russian state television, he reiterated that he continues to support a second term for Biden. Putin confirmed last week that he prefers the “experienced and predictable” Biden over his Republican rival, Donald Trump (77 years old). And he sticks to that.

look. Last week, Putin said he wanted to see Biden's “expected” win.

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“Listen, I spoke with you recently and you asked me who would be our favorite future president of the United States,” Putin told the journalist. I said then that we would work with any president, but I still believe that Biden is the best choice for us and Russia. “And based on what he just said, I know I'm absolutely right.”

He said that Putin actually understands Biden's criticism. “It's an appropriate response to the things I've already said. It's hard for him to say, ‘Well done, thank you, you helped me a lot.'” “We understand the domestic politics of the United States, so this is an appropriate response,” he said in a noticeably tolerant tone. Saying: “I've already said it and I can repeat it: Biden remains the best choice.”