June 9, 2023

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look. ‘The real fans weren’t happy when we celebrated De Bruyne’s goal’: Pictures show how Father Haaland makes an obscene gesture and walks out of the VIP box | sports

The Haaland family did not have the happiest night of the season at the Santiago Bernabéu. Manchester City’s top scorer, Erling, was very little in the game against Real Madrid and his father, Alf Ing, made it furious in the stands.

look. Father Haaland is escorted from the VIP box and gestures towards the Real Madrid fans

Various videos of Real Madrid fans are circulating on Twitter showing how Father Haaland and his company are being escorted from the VIP box. The Norwegian, a former footballer who also played for Man City, among others, makes various gestures towards the Madrid crowd. From ostentatiously waving a hand next to an ear to even one bras (An obscene gesture has the same meaning as an extended middle finger.) “Farewell! Farewell! Fans sing in turn.

It was not clear what caused the collision. According to Spanish media, the Real Madrid fans would have provoked Father Haaland first, to which he could not resist responding. Madrid sports newspaper MARCA even wrote: “Father Haaland misbehaves at the Bernabéu”.

Alf-Inge also threw nuts, though no photos have surfaced (yet). So yes, from the gestures. The above video also shows how Alf-Eng and his companion were removed from the box by a group of security men.


We really had to leave the penalty area after 1-1. Home fans weren’t really happy with Kevin De Bruyne’s equaliser…

Alf Eng Haaland

Meanwhile, Father Haaland also cut short his account of the facts, saying of the incident: “The real fans weren’t happy that we celebrated Kevin De Bruyne’s goal.” So we had to leave the box. The home fans weren’t really happy with the draw…”

Alf-Eng’s collision with the Real Madrid fans was amazing. It seems written in the stars that his son will one day play for the Spanish superpower, but last night neither side made themselves popular with each other. And knowing that father Haaland has a huge impact on his son’s career, this could become a problem for “Royal”.

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