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BNXT League: NBA player Tate sees Giants lose to Limburg, Ostend defeat Mechelen |  Basketball

BNXT League: NBA player Tate sees Giants lose to Limburg, Ostend defeat Mechelen | Basketball

The Antwerp Giants and Ostend appeared in the BNXT League National Playoffs. Can Limburg United and Mechelen surprise us or will we secure a title final between numbers 1 and 2? We follow the semi-finals of the qualifiers on this page.

1/2 National Finals (Best of 5)

Antwerp Giants – Limburg United 0-1
Antwerp giants Limburg United 59-77
Limburg United Antwerp giants 5/12
Antwerp giants Limburg United 5/14
Limburg United Antwerp giants 5/16 (maybe)
Antwerp giants Limburg United 5/18 (maybe)
Ostend – Mechelen 0-0
Ostend Mechelen 87-77
Mechelen Ostend 5/12
Ostend Mechelen 5/14
Mechelen Ostend 5/16 (maybe)
Ostend Mechelen 5/18 (maybe)
  1. 10pm 19. Ostend starts with a win over Mechelen. Defending champions Ostend started Wednesday with an 87-77 win over Mechelen in the semi-final (best of five) of the Belgian title qualifiers. & nbsp; In the re-enactment of last year’s final, Ostend led 24-10 after the first quarter, but in the first half Mechelen reduced the lead to 45-39 and in the third quarter (24-25) a point was eliminated. In the final quarter, Mechelen briefly came back within four points, but the Coastal team wouldn’t let the Kangaroos get any closer. Ostend again put in a strong team performance. Vrenz Bleijenbergh (16 points, 6 rbds), Pierre-Antoine Gillet (15 points, 6 rbds), & nbsp; Dusan Djordjevic (13 points), Trishawn Thurman (10 points) and Nikola Jovanovic (9 points, 8 points) provided the best report. For Michelin, Matias Balenques (23 points, 7 lbs.) and Domaine Lubri (16 points, 4 assists) have more than one return. .
  2. 22:08 Tate returns to Antwerp. Guest of honor in the match against Limburg was Jae’Sean Tate. The American forward played for the Giants between 2018 and 2019 and then returned home via Australia. Since 2020 he plays in the NBA for the Houston Rockets. Before the match, Tate gave his token throw-in and stood with Antwerp chairman Bjorn Verhoeven and the fans. However, the American was not lucky, because Antwerp fell colorless. .
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  4. 22:07 The giants opened the semi-finals with a defeat against Limburg. On Wednesday evening, the semi-finals of the Belgian BNXT League Championship qualifiers began. Antwerp hosted Limburg United at the Lotto Arena and unofficially lost 59-77. Limburg started the match without complexes. Led by Miles Cale and Jonas DelAlio, they went into the locker room with a decent lead (28-39) after limiting the Giants to 9 points in the second quarter. The visitors pressed on in the third quarter and won 17-20 (45-59). The Giants were off the entire game and never got to get back in the game. It eventually became 59-77. The semi-finals will be played in a “best of five” format. The second match takes place on Friday evening in Hasselt at 8.30pm. & nbsp; .
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