June 10, 2023

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LIVE Giro: No rain in Naples today? It is difficult to predict the price scenario again Giro d’Italia 2023

Giro d’Italia: Stage 6

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location 13:15: Naples – 17:13: Naples


Remco Evenepoel is having a tough day, according to team doctor Toon Cruyt after the world champion’s double fall yesterday. But overall, Croyt sounded optimistic. Today is a relatively short transitional phase with two ascents (one of which is of the second and third categories). Catch up on the ride here with a script from 1.15pm.

  1. 10h50.
  2. 10 a.m. 38. Do Evenball muscles mainly talk on Fridays? Falling into a big run, it wasn’t the first for Remco Evenepoel yesterday. In last year’s Vuelta, the red jersey went downhill in the twelfth stage. Aside from a few scratches, the damage seemed minor. But the cycling code is clear: The real reaction usually comes only two days after that crash. This also turned out to be the case in the Sierra Nevada, where Evenboul lost time. Today is going to be a boring day, but muscles are likely to mature especially on Friday. & nbsp; Not a pleasant prospect, because only on Friday we have the first pass over 2000m towards Campo Imperatore. & nbsp; .
  3. no rain? Yesterday the rain fell in buckets and the roads in Campania were like brown soap. There were also fears of rain in Naples, which could cause congestion on roads in southern Italy, which are not used to rain and where there is always more oil on the road surface. But riders will escape disaster: At around 19 degrees it’ll still be mostly dry. & nbsp; . 09h40.
  4. 09:37 a.m. It’s a saying that we’ll be able to use in this Giro: It can freeze or thaw. This is not directly related to weather conditions, but to the nature of the course. On “only” 162 kilometers there are still 2,800 altimeters. From Naples, the peloton slides along Vesuvius and category two and three climbs are the only obstacles today on paper. The last 55km have been rather flat and playing into the hands of the sprinters, but will everyone survive those bumps in southern Italy and how excited will the Parodors be? Yesterday it was a lame mess at first, today we expect more action. & nbsp; .
  5. 09h33.
  6. 09:05 Today is definitely not an easy ride either. Not a straight, flat meter along the Amalfi Coast. He’ll be sweating all day again trying to keep your place in the peloton. We’ll see how Remco feels day by day. After all, the body also reacts to injuries and traumas. Team Principal Patrick Lefevre.
  7. 09 am 05.
  8. 7:32 a.m. Evenenpoel wasn’t the only one down, so did Roglic, his arch-nemesis for the overall victory. Slovenian was fine. He also spoke briefly with Evenepoel. He signaled to Roglic that he was fine. These are messages of optimism. Renate Schott, our man in Italy.
  9. 07:31 The doctor seems optimistic in general. He talks about a hard day on Thursday, but the hardest day may be Friday. Then there is the mountain tour. The second day after a fall is often the hardest. Renate Schott in Italy.
  10. 07:30 Our man in Lat: “Duel Evenepoel-Roglic is not in danger at present.”

    Our man in Lat: “Duel Evenepoel-Roglic is not in danger at the moment”

  11. 07h25. What Friday? Evenepoel will need a few days to sit up outside of the impact his fall has had on his muscles and pelvis. The second day is often the hardest after the fall, according to popular wisdom. Friday’s flight is no joke. We pass 200km and cross the 2000m mark for the first time: a long finish that ends with the first real uphill finish in Campo Imeratore. The 26km go uphill averages 3.4 percent, but in the last 4km the average is 8.2% with peaks of up to 13% in the last kilometre. .
  12. 07h21.
  13. 7:20 a.m. Tough day for Evenepoel. Remco Evenepoel is having a tough day, according to team doctor Toon Cruyt after the world champion’s double fall yesterday. But overall, Croyt seemed optimistic about the Soudal-Quick Step leader’s injuries. Today a relatively short transition with 2 ascents (one of the second and third categories): to and from Naples there are 162 kilometers, mountain summit 1 after kilometer 48.8, mountain summit 2 after 95.9 kilometres. Then there is still a small 70 km to drive. .
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