June 10, 2023

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look. Walmart Customer (44) Destroys (Wrong) Beer Following Campaign With Transgender Influencer | strange

Some Americans are declaring war on Bud Light, after the company teamed up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. This collaboration apparently so infuriated J. Dustin de Caen (44) that he began destroying a Busch Light – yes – in a supermarket.


New York Post

A videotape shows Cain throwing crates of beer on the floor. He also throws cans at the stunned people watching. They wonder if Cain is wrong about the beer, since he appears to be targeting Busch – not Bud – Light.

Cain was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct, among other things. Apparently, at some point, he showed his penis to a sixteen-year-old minor.

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The uproar over the ad videos went beyond some symbolic measures, but also led to a massive crash in the stock market for AB Inbev. Because of the stock sale, the company lost up to $6 billion in market value.

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