February 4, 2023

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Looks like a cheaper Chromecast is coming

Google has applied for a mysterious wireless device. Is Chromecast cheaper on the way?

a file Google’s filing with the US Federal Communications Commission has reignited rumors surrounding the launch of a cheaper Chromecast. However, the application itself still shrouds the product in obscurity. The name “A4RG454V” does not give much, and from the description, we only know that it is a wireless device that supports WiFi and Bluetooth.

diving in january First rumors About this mysterious new device. The cheaper Chromecast comes with built-in support for Google TV but works with a limited maximum picture quality of 1080p. While based on the description, this device could easily be a new Nest speaker, Discover the edge A diagram that indicates more that it is indeed a Chromecast. In the diagram, the device is placed behind a screen and next to it there is also a wireless remote control.

New Google Chromecast for sale in Belgium

Google is still in the process of testing the device, so it’s still unclear when it might appear. According to The Verge, that could happen by the end of this year. Then it remains to be seen whether Google will immediately start selling this device in Belgium in the Netherlands, and at what price. the new Chromecast with Google TV is available for 70 euros. A cheaper Chromecast can cost around 40 euros.

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