March 4, 2024

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Lore wins beauty pageant despite severe acne: "So you don't have to be perfect" (yellow)

Lore wins beauty pageant despite severe acne: “So you don’t have to be perfect” (yellow)

Allowing this title to be held is a beautiful conclusion to a long and difficult process, under the banner never give up your dreams”, says Laure Finn after she was recently elected Miss Belgium International. This international competition is one of the four main elections, along with the most famous Miss Universe and Miss World, among others. “Diverse competitions still carry a negative connotation in our country. There are still a lot of prejudices around and I think that’s a shame. Because my story proves that you don’t have to be perfect to win. I want to motivate or inspire others with this. “

Laure Vene with her crown. © RR

The 20 Kempen residents had had PCOS for eight years, a condition in women in which cysts grow on their ovaries. This can cause fertility problems, but PCOS also manifests itself in many internal and external symptoms. Just: Lor received this diagnosis after seven years of physical suffering.

Lure’s PCOS manifests itself, among other things, in excessive acne. © RR

Excessive acne

“From an early age, I used to get a lot of pain during my periods,” says Lor. “You eventually learn to live with that. But over time, that pain became so severe that it was almost daily. I was bent over in pain. I had a severe hormonal imbalance, which led to all kinds of other complaints.”

When I decided to stop taking the pill, the pain had halved. But the upshot was that they suddenly had to deal with severe acne, which is pretty extraordinary for a woman in her mid-twenties. It was also the period when she got the message a year and a half ago that she had PCOS. “When I was diagnosed with PCOS, my first reaction was: This explains a lot. But in the second case it was just fine What am I with this now?. Because after a diagnosis is made, you’ll basically be told there’s not much that can be done about it. The solution that was suggested to me was…a pill…”

The acne appeared after stopping the pill, but was reduced with a modified diet, Lauer notes. © RR

one in five

Doctors treat the symptoms, but not the cause. While I am looking for a natural approach to this issue. But realizing I’m not alone and that one in five women in the world suffers from PCOS, often along with other symptoms, encouraged me to do something about it myself. This international beauty pageant is the perfect platform for that.”

Laure’s self-confidence was once again boosted by the positive feedback on her PCOS story. © RR

Lore Ven recently announced her physical issues via her Instagram profile. She says she has received a lot of positive feedback. “I’ve competed in beauty pageants before, but my severe acne kept me going through two years like hell. My confidence was below freezing. I didn’t dare go out. But at the same time I realize there are many women in the same situation. “I feel very lonely, even though I’m not alone. The positive feedback to my story has given me a boost. I try to look at everything as positively as possible. My acne will go away one day too.”

© RR

Call colleagues

After the final in Japan on December 13, the young graduating criminologist Jill hopes to do much more with the personal testimonies of his fellow sufferers. “I want to bring all these women’s stories together, because despite the differences, they’re still stuck in the same problems. That’s why I’m looking for women with PCOS or other gynecological diseases like endometriosis who want to get involved in a campaign to get this attention more. Anyone who feels addressed can always contact me.”

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