February 2, 2023

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"Sarah Ferguson invited to the British royal family's Christmas party for the first time in thirty years" |  Kings

“Sarah Ferguson invited to the British royal family’s Christmas party for the first time in thirty years” | Kings

When Sarah Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew in 1992, her invitation to the royal family’s annual Christmas party was also withdrawn. Prince Philip – now deceased father of Andrew – was furious at leaked photos of John Bryan sucking her toes.

But now that Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, are dead, the cards are different. “Andrew may be banned from public life, but you cannot prevent him from coming to the family Christmas party. The staff at Sandringham have been tasked with preparing Wood Farm for all the York family.” For example, not only Andrew and Fergie will be invited, but also children Beatrice and Eugenie and their families.

The source continues: “When she and Andrew split, Fergie wasn’t allowed to come to the family at Christmas as long as Philip and the Queen were alive.” If Sarah Ferguson accepts the invitation, she will be invited to Sandringham on Christmas Eve, where gifts will be distributed and on Christmas Day the family will sit together for a festive dinner.

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