March 5, 2024

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Loss of faith in the FIA: Lewis Hamilton's F1 future depends on investigation into exciting season finale in Abu Dhabi

Loss of faith in the FIA: Lewis Hamilton’s F1 future depends on investigation into exciting season finale in Abu Dhabi


Whether or not we see Lewis Hamilton return to the Formula 1 grid in 2022 may depend on the outcome of the FIA’s investigation into major Abu Dhabi crashes at the end of last year.

Lewis Hamilton has been silent since the end of the controversial Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi last year. During this race, the world title went to Max Verstappen after race director Michael Masi decided to double the doubles between Hamilton and Verstappen while making the safety car at the end of the race.

Hamilton was a bird of cat for Max Verstappen who was on fresh rubber and Verstappen won the race and championship. Shortly after the race, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff announced that he was not sure if we could receive Hamilton on the grid in 2022.

Sources close to Hamilton claim the seven-times world champion has lost faith in the FIA ​​and now wants to wait for the outcome of the investigation before making a decision on his future.

According to the BBC’s Andrew Benson, Mercedes have agreed to leave their careers on the condition that Nicolas Tombazis, the FIA’s one-seat technical chief, and Michael Massey, the Formula 1 race director, step down. .

Mercedes is said to have had trouble with Tombazis since he changed the aerodynamics regulations at the end of 2020 in contrast to Brackley’s formation. At Mercedes itself, they will not say that such an agreement has been reached with the FIA, but only want to say that they will waive their appeal provided that the events are investigated and appropriate action taken.

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Toto Wolff has already announced that Mercedes will allow the FIA ​​to take charge.

In general, experts expect the FIA ​​not to dismiss Michael Massey for the simple reason that it is difficult to find a replacement for him. But regardless of whether the FIA ​​now removes Masi from his position, it is also important to keep in mind that Hamilton also has a contract with Mercedes until the end of 2023.

Stefano Domenicali, chief executive of Formula 1, is expected to take a closer look at whether we will see Hamilton again in Formula 1 as he is undeniably a star in the sport and beyond. If a champion quits Formula 1 because his time is up, that’s okay, but when a superstar like Hamilton gives up because he doesn’t agree with race management, Formula 1 looks a bit bad.

That is why the pressure is now on the FIA ​​chiefs and the new president, Mohamed Ben Sulayem, who was promptly thrown into the deep end. It is an undoubted fact that the longer the silence on both sides, the greater the uncertainty. Undoubtedly continuing…

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