June 18, 2024

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'Love and Thunder' is the most successful Thor movie ever |  showbiz

‘Love and Thunder’ is the most successful Thor movie ever | showbiz

Watch the trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” here.

Chris Hemsworth (38 years old) has been playing the famous character of Thor “Marvel” since 2011. The new movie Thor: Love and Thunder appeared in cinemas on July 6 and immediately reached its peak. In North America, the film lived up to expectations, and its opening grossed $143 million (€140.9 million). It’s the third best opening since the pandemic. He was preceded by his fellow Marvel colleagues, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, and they did even better. Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed $260 million (€256.2 million) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earned $187.4 million ($184.6 million). million euros).

Abroad, superhero Thor’s new adventure has also been well received. Thor: Love and Thunder would have made a global debut with around $302 million (€297.6 million).

Thunder god ‘Thor’ currently has four singles, but the first three are not known to smash any pots during their openings. The first appeared in 2011 under the name “Thor” and then brought in 65.7 million dollars (64.7 million euros). Two years later, Thor: The Dark World was released and did slightly better than its predecessor, bringing in $85.7 million (€84.4 million). In 2017, Chris Hemsworth led us to a new adventure, Thor: Ragnarok. This turned out to be the most successful of the three: $122.7 million (€120.9 million).

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