October 3, 2023

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Princess Delphine works with Maasmechelen Village: “I think it’s very important not to take yourself too seriously” |  showbiz

Princess Delphine works with Maasmechelen Village: “I think it’s very important not to take yourself too seriously” | showbiz

Fun, elegant, and with a message. to their latest takes over Maasmechelen village stern is none other than artist Delphine van Saksen-Coburg (55). On June 24, the shopping mecca will unveil Love Imperfection, the colorful vision of our Belgian princess. “Thanks to social media, you get picture perfect for everyone. That’s a lie.”

She has her own line of clothing with ‘wearable art’ and is much more daring than the average royal when it comes to fashion. Therefore, the collaboration between Maasmechelen Village and Princess Delphine does not come out of nowhere. correct? “It’s a step outside my comfort zone,” the royals said in the promotional post. “It’s not something I thought I would do. But it’s the perfect place to share a powerful message.” Princess Delphine has created an exclusive series of patterns and installations for the village of Maasmechelen – including a life-size “Wish Tree”, a mirror installation and “Delphineken Pis”.

The collaboration also includes a number of exclusive events and a pop-up boutique highlighting (international) fashion talent. Princess Delphine has selected ten up-and-coming Belgian designers, who will be given their retail space completely free. These names have been supplemented by some universal hats. “There are so many amazing talents,” said the princess. “Both in Belgium and in the rest of the world. We need to highlight this. I’ve been involved in the art world for over thirty-five years: I know how hard it can be to get started, which is why I think it’s important to support emerging designers.”

Celebrate the imperfections

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With “Love Imperfection”, she also chose a topic close to her heart. “Thanks to social media, you get a perfect picture of everyone,” she says. “This is a lie, especially to young people. Imperfections can be very beautiful.” To emphasize this, Princess Delphine uses humor with her takes over. “I think it’s very important not to take yourself too seriously,” she says. “It is necessary to laugh at yourself … and to celebrate your shortcomings.”

“Encouraging people to embrace their imperfections and – even more so – to truly love them is something of the utmost importance to me,” the princess concludes. “The beauty of everything is precisely the imperfections that make us unique – both in our appearance and in life in general.”

Anyone curious about seeing Princess Delphine can visit Maasmechelen Village from 24 June. The campaign runs until the end of August.

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