June 21, 2024

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Presentator Sven Pichal neemt het in column op voor William Boeva na incident op Meir: “Helaas gebeurt dit elke dag, Sven”

Lt. Col. Sven Pechal takes it up in Williams Column…

William Boeva.

Radio 2 presenter Sven Pechal (42) included it in a column by comedian William Boeva ​​(31). Pechal saw in Antwerp how passers-by laughed at the comedian.

in his column Bichal describes the incident. He had just crossed it on a Tuesday afternoon on Meir in Antwerp when two boys on an electric scooter passed by. The two laughed at Boeva ​​due to the fact that he is in a wheelchair. “I can see on his face the extent of the swipes,” Pechal writes. “I read the annoyance, but I also seem to realize from his looks that this isn’t the first time. That’s how I interpret it anyway. I really feel indirectly ashamed. Totally shocked.”

Audio notation. The café talks with William Boeva: “I stood there, with two freezer bags in my hand, at 1:30 in the morning. What do you do next?

Pechal does not address Boiva about the incident because his friend was with him. However, he hopes to meet young people who have gone far. To point out their cowardly actions, Pechal writes. It didn’t happen, but the story didn’t get away with it. “Fortunately, this kind of behavior is an exception, I hope, because they dare. There will come a day when they realize that they realize how inappropriate and rude it is.”

William Boeva ​​replied to a text from Bichal. “Thank you, Sven, for listening, but unfortunately this happens every day.”

Presenter Sven Pechal in the column talks about William Boeva ​​after the Meir accident:
Sven Pechal.
Photo: dB
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