June 14, 2024

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Lucid Air electric car coming to Europe ‘in June or July’ – Sound and Vision – News

Lucid’s first vehicle, the Air, will arrive in Europe in June or July. The electric sedan is seen as a competitor to the Tesla Model S, among other things, and has a range of 653 to 837 kilometers. It is not yet known how much a car will cost in Europe.

American car maker says to Otokar The first cars to be exported to Europe and the Middle East in June or July. The company said in July last year against Electric You at least want to sell cars in Germany. Belgium and the Netherlands are also mentioned as two countries where Lucid wants to sell cars. It is not clear if Belgium and the Netherlands will also receive Lucid Air cars in June and July, or only after that.

It is also not clear what kind of aircraft should come to Europe this year. Lucid Air becomes available in several variablesWith a range of 653 to 837 km depending on the model selected. Power varies again from 480 hp or 353 kW to 1,111 hp or 817 kW.

The air can be charged at a speed of 300 kW, so that the car can travel a maximum distance of 483 kilometers after twenty minutes of charging. The car also supports V2X bi-directional charging. The sedan has a length of 4,975 meters, a width of 2,198 meters, including mirrors, a height of 1,410 meters, and a wheelbase of 2.96 meters. Lucid Air is available from $77,400 in the United States. Transferred without taxes and import duties, ie 72,025 euros. The company had previously expected to build 20,000 aircraft this year; which was later reduced to 12,000 to 14,000 cars.

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