November 29, 2022

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Lukaku whistles to his agent after his sensational statement: "I will not allow anyone to speak for me" |  Premier League

Lukaku whistles to his agent after his sensational statement: “I will not allow anyone to speak for me” | Premier League

Premier LeagueA noise they can do without at Chelsea. Just as Romelu Lukaku (29) is back, so is his agent, Federico Pastorello, making himself heard. “I won’t go into more detail about the technical options, but there is clearly a problem,” he said on La Repubblica. Lukaku himself on Instagram shows that he is “not amused” by his medium’s statements.

to Three goals in two matches Lukaku regained his luck in Chelsea. With his fans with his coach. After four difficult months, he finally knocked on the door again.

Coach Thomas Tuchel is considering whether to start the ‘Big Room’ in the FA Cup Final on Saturday. As expected, he received a number of questions about the statements of Federico Pastorello, Lukaku’s agent, in the Italian press. It’s those kinds of distractions that the German coach is sensitive to. Unwanted noise before an important match.

“They told me about it five to ten minutes ago,” Tuchel said. “That’s how it is in football. The attention is so great that sometimes it creates situations that you don’t want in an important match. That is what it is. It doesn’t distract me. I hope it’s not for the team either.”

In an interview with La Repubblica, Pastorillo did not rule out Lukaku’s transfer. Pastorillo: “Looking at the transfer criteria, no one expected this situation. I won’t go into tactical options, but there was clearly a problem. However, the stats must be evaluated: Lukaku is the team’s top scorer (15 goals), with fewer minutes played than his teammates. The situation has to be properly assessed. Romelu is focused on the FA Cup final. We haven’t talked about anything else yet.”

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Tuchel gives Lukaku instructions. © AFP

private windows

After a solid start, with four goals in four games, the most expensive deal in Chelsea’s history waned in the fall. An ankle injury – which kept him aside for six weeks – and a corona infection didn’t help him.

however infamous interview On Sky Italia at the end of the year, Lukaku inadvertently smashed his windows at Chelsea. Tuchel hit him hard for it. Something broke out between him and his coach. Tuchel continued to face him in the starting lineup for a while, but when the younger Lukaku proved to be a drag on the match, he unceremoniously pushed him aside. Tuchel refused to adapt his style of play to that of his attacker.

Federico Pastorello and Romelu Lukaku some time ago.

Federico Pastorello and Romelu Lukaku some time ago. © Instagram

Lukaku felt that he had played only a little on his qualities, much like a steady target man. The wrong man in the wrong place. With competitor Kai Havertz doing so well in that period, as a kind of 9 false, Lukaku couldn’t argue with his coach’s picks. Alternatively, it had little effect. It was during that dark period that he began to think twice about the summer transition.

Pastorello: “Talks with Inter? Much Ado About Nothing† He holds the club and the fans at heart. He has never hidden it. Just like the love of Anderlecht, where he still wants to end his career. There is not even a negotiable at this point. Chelsea for sale. We do not know the new owners. Not to mention that talks have already started with Inter or Milan. We just have to wait.”

A few hours after picking up Pastorello’s messages all over the place, Lukaku himself responded via Instagram. And he doesn’t seem amused. “I will never allow anyone to speak on my behalf. I kept my mouth silent and did my best to finish the season as best as possible with the team. So if anyone tries to say things about me and the club, it is not in my name.”


© Instagram

His coach Thomas Tuchel responded with a big smile when faced with Pastorillo’s comments. “If Romelu wants to talk to the new owners, he may not intend to sit down with me. (Smile) Fair enough. Let’s see if he gets a meeting. He’s right. We’ll talk to everyone. And also assess Romelu’s situation before making a decision.”

The coach didn’t want to confirm if Lukaku would start on Saturday: “Havertz and Lukaku can play together, but the last few times we’ve tried together, they’ve lacked the perfect feeling you’d expect from a duo. It’s going to be one of the two. Romelu has always played in the weeks He also scored. So he did everything he could on the field. We will make a final decision on Saturday.”

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Chelsea’s top scorers in all competitions this season:

1. Romelu Lukaku (Bill) 15 goals – 2.584 minutes – 1 goal at 172 minutes

2. Kai Havertz (Germany) – 13 goals – 3142 minutes – 1 goal per minute 241

3. Mason Mount (Ing) – 13 goals – 3,576 minutes – 1 goal in 275 minutes

4. Timo Werner (Germany) 11 goals – 2215 minutes – one goal at 201 minutes

5. Jorginho (ETA) – 9 goals – 3352 minutes – 1 goal in 372 minutes

Will Tuchel Havertz or Lukaku lead in the FA Cup Final?

Will Tuchel Havertz or Lukaku lead in the FA Cup Final? © ANP / EPA