February 21, 2024

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Manage Samsung Wallet Crypto on Galaxy S22

Manage Samsung Wallet Crypto on Galaxy S22

Samsung offers Wallet for Galaxy S22, to manage digital IDs and cryptocurrencies and make mobile payments via Samsung Pay.

Earlier this week, Samsung released a version Galaxy S22 Smartphone series officially introduced. during the evacuation Launch event, all new features are discussed in detail. One of the components discussed is the new Samsung Wallet. Users can use Wallet to store personal IDs, as well as store and manage their cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin and Ether. It will also be possible to share digital keys with others.

Since May last year, high-end Galaxy phones already offer support for hardware wallets from outdoor partiesincluding ledger wallet. this time Presents The company has its own wallet, which is currently only available on Galaxy S22 models.

Samsung Wallet is available on all Galaxy S22 models

It seems like a smart move by Samsung, after all, encryption is becoming more and more popular. Many use their cell phones to monitor prices and keep a close eye on the latest developments. Samsung Wallet now offers you many features in one program.

At least as importantly, thanks to the popular security software Samsung Knox, all your personal data remains optimally protected. Knox uses its own secure processor and memory. This way, your personal data and Blockchain keys remain protected from the operating system, so you remain more secure.

You can store different types of identifiers – such as a driver’s license, passport, bank card, or credit card, as well as a student card or travel documents for the trip. Wallet Digital ID functionality will be available later this year. In addition to managing personal IDs and digital currencies, Samsung Wallet is also compatible with Samsung Pay to make mobile payments.

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Unfortunately, no Dutch banks support Samsung Pay yet – unlike Apple Pay and Google Pay† So we assume this will change in the (near) future.

Samsung is not the first phone maker to offer its own digital wallet. Samsung Wallet is the counterpart to Apple Wallet – which offers similar functionality. South Korea has been working on Blockchain technology for quite some time now. For example, last month the company announced that new Samsung TVs are also able to buy and display digital artwork via NFTs (Non-Foldable Tokens).