February 21, 2024

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Mancin casts a shadow over the possible actions of the United States at the International Climate Summit

Mancin casts a shadow over the possible actions of the United States at the International Climate Summit

The big COP26 news on Thursday was that 23 new countries had agreed to phase out the use of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. But the United States was unaware of this announcement.

“The United States is pleased to be back in climate talks, but domestically this is a difficult time for them, and time is a real issue for this particular COP,” said Camila Winning, an international coal expert at the Free European Think Tank. E3G. . cnn “Everyone realizes that this makes it harder for the United States to join anything now. It’s a shame.”

Other nations are paying close attention to the climate summit in Glasgow as the US House of Representatives is still in last-minute talks on President Joe Biden’s key economic and climate bill and its partisan infrastructure package. COP participants acknowledge Manch’s key role as a Democrat representing coal – rich West Virginia and a key player in shaping Biden’s climate policy.

“In all my dealings with other countries, I have a deep understanding of what’s going on,” said Jack Schmidt, senior director of the NRDC’s International Climate Strategy. “They know where Joe Mansion is. Apparently, they read the news every day; they ride roller coasters as often as anyone in the United States.

A State Department spokesman told CNN that US pledges should be supported by action. The spokesman also noted Biden’s pledge to carbonate the U.S. energy sector by 2035, saying “no one should doubt how serious this is.”

“Data reports and they are very important, but they cannot be considered as a decision within themselves,” the spokesman said. “They need to be supported by action, and the United States is already moving forward with a reasonable energy shift.

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The United States on Thursday signed a separate agreement to stop funding all fossil fuel projects abroad, along with other major emissions, including China and India, as it has not signed a 23-nation international agreement to phase out coal.

On Friday, the House agreed to vote on Biden’s nearly $ 1.9 trillion in economic and climate packages, including $ 555 billion in climate programs, clean energy and tax cuts. The package then goes to the U.S. Senate, where Senate President Chuck Schumer wants to thank it.

Mansin was responsible for his opposition to the Democrats’ clean electricity project – which was removed from the final bill – and has created uncertainty throughout the process, and has repeatedly indicated that he wants to extend the talks further.

Thousands of young activists take to COP26 as Greta Dunberg leads climate protest

Mancin’s influence on Biden’s climate policy was felt most strongly in COP26.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Are we going to see the United States achieve some kind of national clean energy program?’ Jennifer Lake, COPE participant and global energy director at the World Resource Organization, told CNN. “The truth is, I don’t think we run our energy system in the United States. It makes these kinds of statements or obligations very difficult.

Lyke said the statewide move on coal, along with the new federal investment in Biden’s bill, would enable the United States to uninterrupted coal emissions.

“The issue of time was the most important question facing the government,” he added. “Without a clean energy plan, if they wait a year or two and do something, can they continue the deadline they need here instead of the deadline they can do?”

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