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Mandy, Indiana – I Saw A Method (★★★★): What a mess

Mandy, Indiana – I Saw A Method (★★★★): What a mess

Hunting in the yet-to-be-explored pool of British bands, we actually hooked up with Mandy, Indiana last year: a quartet from Manchester that draws inspiration from every musical corner of the spectrum. This resulted in a sound we had not often heard – in fact never before, so we immediately crowned the group as ‘Big Bear of Tomorrow’ and thus predicted a bright future for them. Unfortunately, a major breakthrough took longer than expected, though that was entirely up to Mandy, Indiana herself. The British first wanted to flirt with their full backs for the first time. And to be honest, there are much worse songs out there than “Alien 3to listen to while waiting for that record.

And see, waiting is always rewarded in the end, because with I’ve seen a way Finally there is that long-awaited debut album from Mandy, Indiana. A record where an instruction manual, let alone a review, is actually impossible. Not because it’s a bad record; On the contrary, because it is a chaotic, meaningless mess at times. But it is precisely this chaos that makes this tall player such an amazing gem. From post-punk and techno to dancehall, touches of metal and boiler room: Mandy, Indiana has it all I’ve seen a way everyone.

It opens with the opener “Love Theme (4K VHS)”. In short, it’s nothing more than an introductory track, but if you really listen, you’ll discover in between the hypnotic synth line that keeps going. distorted elements, messy electronics; It is, as it were, the calm before the storm. He didn’t break out much later with “Drag [Crashed]The heavy boiler room beat is complemented by elements of London garage, funk and even jazz, but below you also hear the sound of what sounds like your upstairs neighbor hauling all his belongings. Add to that the charming French voice of front lady Valentine Caulfield (reminiscent of The Ting Tings by the way) and the barely noticeable You can help but be impressed.You just have to experience it to understand it.

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Not long after, it all flows together in a sort of post-punk-industrial coherence in “Pinking Shears,” then builds into an aural panic attack called “Injury Details.” Ominous organs, echoing percussion and ripping guitar pieces make up the bed on which Caulfield uses her announcer’s charismatic voice. Even though Mandy, Indiana has already shown you every corner of the room with fourth track and crammed about thirty-seven different species through your ear canals, you always feel like there is one binding factor in everything that always brings you back to this one. brings four. We can’t tell you exactly what that is. But as said: you just have to experience it to understand it.

After a chaotic interval borne by the drums, an actual storm broke out. “Driving Rain (18)” hangs with a sample of Heavy Rain, where a sort of alternative dance track is poured. The next “2 Stripe” builds on that somewhat, though it’s notable for the quartet carefully trying to slow it down a bit. dreamy soundscapes that evolve towards more electronic settings, Caulfield making everything a little sexy in Barlando’s way; It’s a side of Mandy, Indiana that we don’t hear much about.

But as you might have guessed, this quartet is utterly unpredictable, so “Iron Maiden” becomes not a hard metal track, but two short minutes of shrill guitar blaring through your ear canals in rehearsal, while someone is in the distance. howls hysterically at her. Call him crazy, call him genius; We call it Mandy, Indiana. That such a strange song is followed by the boiler room tune of “Peach Fuzz” that blooms into a song titled “(ノ>ω<)ノ:。 ・: *: ・ ゚' ★, ・: *: ♪ ・゚ '☆ (Reviving Aura crystal) ”, you will not find anywhere else.

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So just to show that Mandy, Indiana’s debut makes no sense at all, which makes it pretty impressive. And so you see that a long wait is always rewarded, because if this quartet does not have a golden future thanks to this record, we do not know what will. The descriptions may bore you a little, but if you are really open to what these gentlemen and lady of Manchester have to offer, you are in for a very intense half hour. I’ve seen a way Sounds like an aha experience amidst a lot of chaos, and that might be the best way to describe this tall player. So one to watch. Now and in year-end lists.

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