December 4, 2022

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Marcel, Gert Verhulst's dog, died: 'It takes me more than I expected'

Marcel, Gert Verhulst’s dog, died: ‘It takes me more than I expected’

Marcel, the dog of Gert Verholst, passed away last night. The health of the four-legged friend, who had been sick for some time, was not well for a long time.

Tuesday is World Animal Day. So most of the private companies proudly submit pictures of their four-legged boyfriend on social media. But Gert Verholst had sad news. “My dog ​​Marcel died last night,” he said on his show. table of four. “And it affects me more than I actually expected. He was ill. Elaine (his wife, editor) has taken care of it day and night in recent years. It hit harder than expected. But yes, nothing can be done about it,” Verhulst said.

Later that evening, Verhulst wrote on Instagram: “You can rest you punk.”

Things have been going badly for Marcel for a while. During the first and second seasons of Verhulstjes Viewers saw that the four-legged friend was not feeling well. And in season three, things went from bad to worse. One of two Verhulst family Bouviers des Flandres spent most of his days sleeping and also had to wear diapers. At the beginning of this year, Marcel did better again, but last night the four-legged friend passed away.

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