April 21, 2024

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Marja offers tips for cleaning: This way you get soft, beautiful towels and save a lot of money on cleaning

Marja offers tips for cleaning: This way you get soft, beautiful towels and save a lot of money on cleaning

Cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp jumps into the rags to solve everyday problems. This time you’re looking at your towels: How do you keep them in top condition, even if you air-dry your laundry? “There is a difference between buying a towel for 1 euro or a towel for 17 euros.”

An E-Mail from a Reader: Hi Marga, a question! We got rid of our dryer because it consumes too much energy and we don’t need it anymore. Unfortunately my towels are getting stiffer and harder because they no longer go into the dryer. Do you have a solution to our problem?

Marga: “I hear this story a lot. People want to save money and get rid of the dryer. My mom also got rid of the dryer, though that was before everyone started saving money. She found that it removed a lot of fibers, dust, and stuff from clothes. “The sheets wear out,” she said. Three times as fast as if I dried it without a dryer.” Sometimes I dry my hands with my mom and do it right there with very soft towels. So I called my mom for this tip, she loves it!”

Towels in a dye bath

With her mother, Lenny van Owen, Marja presented the hit TV show in the Netherlands for many years How clean is your houseSo Marja’s mom knows what she’s talking about. She said: “It also depends on the quality of the towels. There is a difference between buying a towel for €1 or a washcloth for €17. There is also a difference in the thickness and type of cotton etc. We both use white towels. You can tell if they are dirty more quickly and you can wash them At higher temperatures, which kills more bacteria. The colored towels were in a dye bath. They dry you out less, making it more difficult to dry themselves.”

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There are all kinds of ways to clean your washing machine, such as dishwasher tablets, but washer cleaner works for me.

Maria Middledorp

“The toughest handling of towels starts with a look in the washer,” says Marga. “Open the drum and look under the rubber. Is it clean? Sometimes there is a layer of grease. Make it a habit to clean the washer every now and then. I use washer cleaner myself. This is good for maintaining the washer and it cleans well too. There are all kinds of remedies and ways to clean the washer, Like dishwasher tablets, but this one fits me, I feel very comfortable with it. It was made specifically for this purpose.”

Use a hygrometer

Is your washing machine clean? “Then the towels are put in the laundry. I put the powdered soap in the tray. I always use powder, because it’s easy to measure. We use a lot of soap. Fill it one-third of what you normally would, and two-thirds fill with regular kitchen vinegar. This mixture ensures a nice washing result. When You look at the washing machine, it looks like whipped cream, it lathers really well. Fabric softener isn’t necessary, as the vinegar has a laxative and neutralizing effect.”


You’ll notice your towels are softer and you’ll save tons of money on detergent, fabric softener, dryer, and energy.

Maria Middledorp

When you’re done with your laundry, your towels will come out of the washing machine smelling nice and fresh. “Hang them somewhere that isn’t too damp, so they can dry within a day. Use a hygrometer to check the humidity level in that room. When your towels are dry, you can immediately flatten and fold them or put them in the shower. You’ll notice your towels are much softer and you’ll save a lot of money on Detergent, fabric softener, dryer, power and washer will last longer.”

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“If your towels are about ten years old, there’s a chance they won’t be soft anymore,” says the cleaning expert. Then it was fine and they should be replaced. Even so, you’ll instantly have a body scrub upon drying. Each defect has its advantage. But if you want it to be an advantage, buy white towels.”

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