June 24, 2024

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Mark Cook invests in a car with its own solar panels

Mark Cook invests in a car with its own solar panels

Sion, the first model from Sono Motors. © Reuters

Marc Coucke has invested in Sono Motors, a German start-up for electric vehicles with solar panels. The entrepreneur has been with the company for two years, but this has remained under the radar so far.

evdgSource: time, Twitter

On Wednesday, the company announced its IPO, a statement Mark Cook also shared on his social media channels. That was the first time, because, according to De Tijd, the businessman had been on board Sono Motors for two years.

Sono’s first model, the Sion, is supposed to hit the market in 2024. It’s a fairly small passenger car that can be charged over the power grid as well as via solar panels built into the bodywork. Inside, a natural filter from Icelandic moss regulates moisture.

Coucke has recently invested in electric vehicles. In October, it was announced that it had bought 1.3 million shares in Dutch electric bus producer Ebusco. It transferred an investment of about 30 million euros. Other sustainable companies are finding their way into Coucke. He has already invested in a company that makes water purifiers and in one of the largest fruit and vegetable companies in our country.

© Reuters

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