February 27, 2024

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Mass vaccinations of children in the southern Netherlands

Mass vaccinations of children in the southern Netherlands

Region – From 6 February to 22 May, Jong JGZ will vaccinate children and young people against DTP-MMR, HPV and MenACWY in the South Holland Region. Children who have previously missed vaccination will also be given the opportunity to follow up on their vaccination.

Eligible children will soon receive an invitation from RIVM by mail: Children born in 2015 (DTP and MMR), Children born in 2014. Reminder for children born between 2005-2013 (HPV), Young people born in 2010 (MenACWY). ).

Vaccination places
We will be vaccinating throughout our business area again this spring. For example, we can be found in the Deetos sports hall in Dordrecht, the SHO football club canteen in OudBeijerland, and the Ridderhal in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Would you like to take a look at one of the vaccination days? Please contact our Communications Consultant for specific times, dates and locations and to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination is important
Most parents in the Netherlands (between 92 and 99 percent) choose to vaccinate their children. They mainly see the benefits of vaccinations. Vaccinations are truly effective in reducing illness, serious complications, hospitalizations, and deaths from infectious diseases. Research (external link) shows that vaccinations between 1953 and 1992 prevented an estimated 6,000 to 12,000 deaths in the Netherlands. Our mass vaccination coordinator, Monique Lauder, knows and explains a lot about this. Would you like to speak to her for a short quote? Please contact our communications consultant first. A lot of information can also be found on the RIVM website.

know more? Mass vaccinations Young JGZ, see www.jongjgz.nl/vaccinates. National Vaccination Programme, see www.rijksvaccinatieprogramma.nl.

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