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Tips for a small bathroom: Optimize the space with style

Tips for a small bathroom: Optimize the space with style

A small bathroom can be a challenge, but with the right tips you can transform even a limited space into a stylish space. Discover smart solutions to make the most of your small bathroom. Here are 7 useful tips for you.

  1. Use smart storage

In a small bathroom, you quickly run out of storage space. Therefore, use smart storage options, such as built-in ones Bathroom cabinet mirror. Mirrored cabinets take up little space and of course have a dual function. You can store all kinds of cosmetics, care products and medicines in it. This keeps the room neatly tidy. The more organized the bathroom is, the more spacious it appears.

  1. Choose floating bathroom furniture and sanitary facilities

Creating more space visually is essential in small bathrooms. Floating bathroom furniture and fixtures give the illusion of more floor space. Therefore, a hanging toilet or wash basin is essential. Moreover, floating furniture looks very modern and makes keeping the bathroom clean easier.

  1. Replace the shower cabin with a walk-in shower

Replace your old shower stall with a space-saving walk-in shower with a built-in walk-in shower. This will make the bathroom less stressful and you can have more space to move around.

  1. Provide plenty of daylight and good lighting

Maximize natural light for a spacious feel. In addition, add enough lighting to avoid dark corners. A well-lit room automatically appears more airy and larger.

  1. Use a bathroom mirror for a sweeping effect

With a large mirror you can reflect natural light and make the bathroom appear visually larger. Therefore, feel free to choose a very large size, perhaps with built-in lighting. On the website for Designer mirrors You'll find many stylish bathroom mirrors that complement the space.

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  1. Keep a light color palette

Choose light colors on the walls to give the bathroom a fresh and spacious look. Of course, white always works well, but pastel colors or soft beige tones also have a beautiful effect. For a great touch, it is better to choose a dark floor, provided that it is combined with good lighting and floating furniture.

  1. Minimize the use of accessories

In a small space, less really is more. Limit the use of accessories to avoid a crowded look. It is better to add one phrase to the bathroom. Consider a beautiful houseplant or a wall shelf with your favorite perfume bottles.

Using the above tips and ideas, you can transform even the smallest bathroom into a beautiful space!

picture Barry D during Pixabay