May 24, 2024

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Meet "WC DJ" from Tomorrowland: "I'll Take the Smell" |  Tomorrowland 2022

Meet “WC DJ” from Tomorrowland: “I’ll Take the Smell” | Tomorrowland 2022

TomorrowlandHe is sought after throughout Europe and is perhaps the most authentic Flemish DJ at many festivals. Although in the most obnoxious angles. Renée Opsedee is our country’s toilet DJ and plays hate for everyone else. “When there’s tough techno on the main stage, I like to choose ska or reggae,” he says as he pushes the samba through the booths. “People find peace here.” Since then, the “WC-DJ” concept has resonated abroad. “I booked a group in Switzerland for the weekend, but now I’m playing here for nine days,” says Renee Obsidy (or Ronald Jaiken (44) of Hearn).

Demi van den Ede, Stijn van Hoof

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