June 14, 2024

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Meghan Markle on Spotify Podcast: 'I didn't know 'ambition' was such an ugly word until I started dating Harry' |  Property

Meghan Markle on Spotify Podcast: ‘I didn’t know ‘ambition’ was such an ugly word until I started dating Harry’ | Property

“From the early years of my education, she was born to me as a little girl,” she explains. “I attended Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles, where they taught us that our options as women are endless. Ambition? And that was the point. I didn’t hear the word ‘ambition’ in its negative context until later in my life, when I started dating my current husband.” In the media, the duchess was called an opportunist, who only wanted to be associated with the prince in order to become famous. “I was so shocked by that,” she says. “I also see it every day in other women and girls who, because of such treatment, keep themselves much smaller than they actually are. So sad. That’s why I want to address such prejudice and discrimination with the help of other women who have achieved so much in their lives.”

The first guest on the podcast was tennis star Serena Williams. She has been good friends with Meghan and Harry for years. Next week, Mariah Carey will be a guest on ‘Originals’.

Harry and Meghan already struck a million-dollar deal with Netflix before the Corona crisis, but so far they have released very little content. Their first collaborative podcast was a huge failure. Even the whale-like podcast — to promote sleep — fared better on the charts. It remains to be seen if this new podcast from the Duchess will do anything better.

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