April 21, 2024

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Diana's death due to 'a very minor and rare injury', says the professor: 'and it could have been avoided' |  Property

Diana’s death due to ‘a very minor and rare injury’, says the professor: ‘and it could have been avoided’ | Property

PropertyNearly 25 years after her death, Princess Diana’s tragic accident continues to stir emotions. The British princess was killed when her car crashed into a French tunnel. She was only 36 years old. A new medical book describes her injuries in detail, and the doctor’s findings are noteworthy: “Diana died of a very rare injury that could easily have been avoided.”

Diana’s death came as a surprise to the British nation, the rest of the world, and even the first responders on the scene. Several firefighters and ambulance workers announced that the princess seemed fine at first. She had no life-threatening injuries on her body, and was initially conscious when she was pulled out of the wreckage. It was believed that she would run away with a broken arm and a concussion. So it was a thunderbolt out of the blue when the international press announced for a few hours that Diana had died in the hospital.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd describes in his new book Unnatural Causes how the Princess lost her life at the time. “Her specific injuries were very rare,” he explains. “So rare, in fact, that I only saw them once in my entire career. It was a very small tear in the artery that was in her lung. A fatal injury, which ultimately led to her death.”

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Gerdel saved her.

“It’s tragic,” he continues. “It was a small tear, but in the wrong place. When her artery was completely ruptured, she died instantly.” What is particularly unfortunate is that, according to Shepherd, her death could have been avoided by a very simple act. “She was not wearing a seat belt during the accident,” he explains. “She would do it often, but not that night. I am convinced that if she had worn it, she would have been alive today. Then, two days later, she would have appeared in public again with black eyes, and at worst, she might have broken her rib or arm. Fortunately, the driver, the only person wearing a seat belt at the time, was not spared. He was in the wrong place in the car, with or without him.”

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