July 20, 2024

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Meilandjes reveals the name of the new guest house and announces the book

Meilandjes reveals the name of the new guest house and announces the book

FILE PHOTO: Martien and Erica Meiland with their daughters, Maxime and Montana. © Photo: Anneke Janssen

The Meiland family has bought a boarding house in their hometown of Noordwijk. The guest house is still called Pension Christina, but Martien thinks that name doesn’t fit the family. That’s why Meilandjes renamed the guest house Code Rosé. They announced it on Friday at a Christmas party at Montana’s Daughter Store. They also announced a new book.

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“The media brought it up before it was over,” Martin said. ‘But it’s round. We’ve bought a guest house in Noordwijk and are going to do it ourselves.’ fluff and grow. The family chose the name Code Rosé because of the weather conditions in their hometown and their love of wine. “Of course it always rains and winds here.”

When the renovations are finished, the family will actually start work on the guest house. “We can’t cook, but we do breakfast,” Erica explains. “We are not going to wash ourselves anymore. We are already there and working there, but of course we have to do a lot of renovations before that.”

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The guest house also appears in the new book that the Meiland family will be releasing at the end of next year. It’s mainly about what goes on behind the scenes of the Chateau Millland reality series. “It’s also all the things that didn’t make it to the episodes, but it did. So I thought this would be a lot of fun,” Erica says. The book should be in stores by the end of next year.

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It appears in the publishing house that erika milland has with jan decgraf. Dijkgraaf previously wrote biographies on both Martien and Erica. Other book ideas are still on the shelf, but the family can’t say anything about it yet. However, the 2023 calendar to be published at Chateau Mayland “has fun facts and beautiful pictures,” says Erica.