July 24, 2024

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Mental and physical decline: Bearshot is eliminated after extension

Mental and physical decline: Bearshot is eliminated after extension

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While Antwerp could prepare for a whole week, Berchot had to pass first in Liege. This is where it all started. The record runner has already won by the slightest difference in the competition and Bierchut has only been able to win once on the go, in the previous cup round against the amateur Franks Borens. But you know the cliché: anything is possible in the cup.

Understandably, Torrente opted for rotation in these circumstances. Dom, van den Berg, Vaca, and Shankland were initially rescued, and replaced by Lemos, De Smet, Soumaré, and Suzuki. For the home team, the prodigal son Carcila came first, immediately thanking his coach with help … or not.

Not allowed

Carcela first dribbled freely on the edge of the penalty area and put Klaus alone in front of the goal with a cunning ball. However, the Brazilian striker was offside when he managed to beat Fanamel after ten minutes, thus his goal was properly disallowed. No VAR needed to see this.

Beerschot did not let the grass grow and immediately rushed to the other side, where Holzhauser fell for the first shot on goal, but shot within Henkinet’s reach. The same with the chances that Berchot later got from a free kick from Lemos and a header from Somare. Aside from the unallowable target, Standard wasn’t able to hold him back very much. Raskin’s place ball was the only one Vanamel had to take in the first period.

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What was remarkable, in the negative sense: unnecessary yellow cards for Berchot. Lemos received Carcela rudely after a foul and caused a disturbance along the sideline, and Holzhauser rolled the ball in front of him too far three times with a free kick. Fortunately the cards in the cup don’t count in the competition or the pivotal number might happen in the stands on Sunday for nothing. And also the flare thrown by Standard fans on the pitch, so that the match was halted for a while: Why? It has become a bad habit in the Belgian fields.

Incomprehensible miss

At the beginning of the second half, both goalkeepers were sent off, but both were able to call the helpline. Bayermatt was the savior when he saved an excellent Dossini header just before the goal line. On the other hand, Borden extended a Holzhauser free kick at the far post.

Good try, but not quite. This could already happen. What should not actually happen is that an artist like Holzhauser leaves a goal alone for the goalkeeper. Yet he did. Somare, the most dangerous man in Bershut, gave him the first goal, but Holzhauser hesitated too long and fired straight at Hinkennet. Not understood. The last attack, in which substitutes Dom and Van den Berg came close, would not stand a better chance.


gold bills

The lack of competence will still be very difficult for Birkut. In the first overtime, Standard scored two gold substitutes: Rafia crossed, and Molika got a large area of ​​the purple defense and fired with a flawless header. Just before the end, Bokadi, another substitute, crushed all hopes of an equalizer with a simple goalkeeper: 2-0.

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120 minutes of football without a score, that must have been the worst case scenario for Berchot. They undoubtedly rubbed their hands at Deurne-Noord. See you Sunday at 1.30pm in Kiel.

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