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Standard thanks Henkinet and Muleka, last team to qualify for quarter-finals |  Croque Cup 2021/2022

Standard thanks Henkinet and Muleka, last team to qualify for quarter-finals | Croque Cup 2021/2022

Standard was the last to qualify for the Belgian Cup quarter-finals. Only in overtime could he score recovery goals against Beerchot.

Standard Goals – Biershot

  • 97′ Jackson Mollica (1-0)
  • 119′ Merville Bocadie (2-0)

Standard – Bearshot in a nutshell:

  • important moment: At the start of the first overtime period, Standard coach Elsner puts Mulika between the lines. The Congolese only need a few minutes to head Standard into the lead and press Berchot completely to death.
  • man of the match: Beerchot fought for what he was worth, but he always came across the excellent Laurent Hinkennet. The goalkeeper proved to be the perfect replacement for Arnaud Bodart tonight.
  • Special: Beerschot was promoted to the highest level last season, but since then he has not been able to win once in 4 head-to-heads with Standard. In fact, the rats didn’t score a single goal in those four games.

Fun start without goals

After the justified 3-1 defeat at Gelamco Arena, coach Luca Elsner decided to change his team. Mehdi Karsella got a starting point for the first time this season. The Moroccan dodger was also noticed in the first quarter, but he was unable to control the match as usual.

Standard whistled for the first time early on, but a header from Klaus was denied for offside. On the other hand, Sumari hit a cross pass from Kaiseido. Just before the break, Somare tried again, this time with Henkinet showing off a kind reaction.

There were no more chances, so both teams went to rest after a beautiful goalless first half. It was an even better second half.

The standard double bike kick goes wrong twice

Holzhauser forgets to score

After the break, Bierchut was eager to enforce the law, but he lacked competence. The lightning-fast Sumari searched well for depth, but the escape shot was within a meter of Hinkennet’s goal.

After that, the Austrian Raphael Holzhauser took the leading role. First he hit a free kick from an acute angle at the post, and after a few minutes he faced Hinkennet head-on. The playmaker went on for too long and then fired straight at Henkinet without any conviction.

On the flip side, Noë Dussenne could also unlock the score, and the buffalo punch was removed from the line by Pietermaat. In the final, substitutes Dom and Tapsoba missed some chances.

Holzhauser misses the unfathomable

Golden substitute Molika decides the match

So extensions, but Birchot was clearly one of his best powers. Elsner could have secured a solid win with Jackson Mulika and the Congolese decided the match in the end.

Just a few minutes later a cross header from Rafia bypassing Fanamel. Berechot coach Torrente also threw young striker Mucuna, but a return is no longer possible.

Standard played the match as a grown-up and eventually made it 2-0 to Mollica and Boukkady with one-two matches. The standard continues to shift, Beerschot can now focus fully on the rescue.

Standard kicks twice in overtime

  1. The end, 11:20 p.m., the standard rushes in. Standard qualifies for the quarter-finals after a difficult victory over Berchot. Molika decided the match with a goal and a decisive pass in overtime. Bierschut, especially through Holzhauser, missed some solid chances in the second half. .
  2. The second extra time, the 121st minute is over
  3. The second extra time, the 120th minute. Al-Baqadi finished it in the 119th minute: 2-0.

    Al-Baqadi finished it in the 119th minute with a score of 2-0

  4. Second extra time, 119th minute. The books are closed! . Molica is having a great time overtime. He dives well into the penalty area and shows Boukadi, who started the attack 2-0. .
  5. Second extension, 117th minute. The intruder fell after a duel with Van den Berg and Molika remained in the match for a while. Spirit went completely for both teams. .
  6. Second extension, 115th minute. Rafia and Fai let the ball pass quietly, and Beerschot no longer came up with a full attack. Attackers Mucuna and Shankland can’t really make their mark. .
  7. Second extra time, 111th minute. More high. After a difficult attack, Mucuna can return the ball to Dom, but the substitute’s shot goes into the second ring. .
  8. Second extension, 109th minute. Berchot has already given a lot. This time Mukuna cannot reach from Vaca. Sisako and Dosini are also in control of their affairs against Shankland, with Somari and Suzuki it was even more difficult. .
  9. Second extension, 107th minute. Standard and Beerchot both entered the truth zone for the first time, but Vanamel and Henkennett both cleaned up. & nbsp; .
  10. Second overtime, 106th minute. Start the second overtime. Elsner brings Cimirot to the side of the young outsider. What else will we see in the final part of these extensions? .
  11. Second overtime, the match started in the 106th minute
  12. The first extra time, the 107th minute. The end of the first extra time. The first 15 minutes of these stretches are over and the benchmark is ahead thanks to substitute Mulika. What else can be done for visitors? .
  13. 1st overtime, min 105. Mulika and Tapsoba made a quick counterattack. Burkinabe can print, but there are still cannons from Berchot in between. & nbsp; .
  14. The first extra time, the 103rd minute. Shankland lost control. Beyermatt makes a great shot over the record defense, but Shankland then has a major problem with his control to get a shot. Once again, there was more in it for visitors. & nbsp; .
  15. First extra time, 101st minute.
  16. First extension, minute 100. That’s of course a big deal for Berchot, but not a knockout yet. Young striker Mucuna comes to comfort midfielder Kaiseido, can he still guarantee a draw? .
  17. First extension, minute 100. Sclessin has to wait 97 minutes: Muleka leads 1-0.

    Sclessin has to wait 97 minutes: Molika leads 1-0

  18. The first extra time, the 97th minute. Molika’s goal! No first chance, instant goal! Molika organizes the attack himself and moments later heads Rafia’s cross past a hopeless Fanamel ball: 1-0! Can Bearchot Still Respond? .
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